December 18, 2009

Humiliation Activities Part II

My last post mentioned some ideas of humiliation activities that can be implemented into your BDSM play. As was mentioned in my book, Erotic Humiliation, this technique can take the form of either the physical or verbal. However, we need to be careful and ensure that a sub/slave is capable of psychologically handling the play.

Nevertheless, here are some more ideas which will help to stimulate your play.

-Wearing see through clothing only
-Putting the person in diapers/Depends
-Shaving of the head
-Watching you have sex with others.
-Orally cleaning you up after a sexual interlude with another (cleaning up the other person)
-Treating the person like a baby
-Cock and ball torture (males) tit torture (females)
-Renaming the sub/slave
-Face slapping
-Pats to the head like a dog
-Require males to wear a bikini top at the beach/pool
-Have submissive kneel with face to floor
-Stand and face the corner like a schoolchild

These are just a few more ideas which should help you along on your BDSM journey.

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