March 29, 2009

The Punishment Box

Many want to enhance their sex life. When people first look at this lifestyle, they are stunned to find out that the price of "toys" is expensive. It is possible to spend thousands of dollars in a short period of time outfitting yourself with all kinds of accessories. While this might work for some, there is a much better approach.

There are a lot of things in the BDSM world which are free. If you are an imaginative person, your house is presently filled with many items that will enhance you sexual experience. Things such as brushes, spatulas, rope, string, belts, and ice are available in most houses. Consider using the free stuff first before laying out the cash for the expensive stuff.

Punishments are a part of the BDSM lifestyle. There are times when subs/slaves need to have their actions adjusted. A good Dom/Master will approach this with the candor one takes when disciplining a child. A corrective reminder is usually to the benefit of the offender. BDSM is no different.

A way to add some fun to this is to have a punishment box. This is nothing more than a small box containing cards or small pieces of paper with different punishments written on them. When the sub/slave acts inappropriately, he or she is told to pull a punishment out of the box. Whichever is selected is the one the Dom/Master instills.

When creating this, it is best to have punishments which vary in severity. Of course, you will want some that the sub/slave detests. It adds to the excitement when he or she is pulling the card. I often marvel at how the a sub/slave can pull the same punishment 4 or 5 times in a row when there are 15 different ones in the box. The harder he or she wishes for something else, the more likely the same one is pulled.

The punishment box is a great way to dole out punishments. However, it can also be used in your scene. For this, simply write different activities you want to perform on separate pieces of paper and have them pulled at different times. Once pulled, perform that technique on him or her. This is heightened if the Dom/Master is the one who creates the activities. The element of surprise only enhances the sub/slave's experience.

Try the punishment box or variations on this idea. You will be happy that you did.

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