March 25, 2009

Simple Physical Humiliation

In my book Erotic Humiliation, I wrote about the joy of physical humiliation. While this is a broad category with a wide range of ways to implement it, I find there are some basic ways to enhance your BDSM experience.

The entire concept of physical humiliation is to stress the power separation between Dom and Sub (or Master/slave). Many cultures historically have done this so borrowing their ideas offers a wonderful visual.

If we consider some of the Mid-Eastern cultures, they believe that women are second class citizens. For this reason, a woman is not allowed to look a man in the eyes. She walks a few paces behind her "man" as a symbol of the power difference. She is only allowed to speak when he approves it. In short, her life revolves around his wishes.

The same can be used in your BDSM play. While in public, you can have a sub behave in a similar manner. Remove any equality that she might have when interacting with others. Something even as basic as her following behind you will give you a surge of power. It reinforces her submissiveness.

You can do the same thing while at home. You might experiment with having a sub sit at your feet. Or, you can use him/her as a footstool. (Treating another as a piece of furniture is a wonderful way to reduce that person down since it removes the humanness). Finally, dinner can be served to you in the dining room on fine china while she has to eat in the kitchen off of paper plates. If you really want to increase the sensations, implement a bit of puppy play where he/she eats off the floor.

Again, the basic idea is separation of power. Erotic humiliation is designed to make the Dom feel more powerful while increasing the feeling of submissiveness within the sub. The physical aspect of this is fairly simple to do and is rather versatile. You are limited only by your imagination.

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