April 2, 2009

The Reward Box

The other day I wrote about the punishment box. For those who missed it, here is a link to that article. This technique is something that can really enhance your experience with your sub/salve. Using negative enticement can be a wonderful way to display your domination and power. This person will really feel the effects of your wishes.

There is another track that can be taken. Like in most areas of life, we always have the choice to use the carrot or the stick. This is basic knowledge in motivational behavior. Each has it's place although neither is absolute. To best modify behavior, a mixture of the two tends to work best. Just like all work and no play makes one ornery, the same is true for a sub/slave. All punishment and no reward will make them testy.

The reward box is the same as the punishment box except it contains actions which the sub/slave enjoys. I like to fill this with a variety of pleasures ranging from the minimal to the extravagant. Over time, as she "earns" a reward, I will choose something from the box. The anticipation at the surprise tends to heighten the experience.

This is a simple way to create another power base in your relationship. Punishments are at a Dom/Master's choosing. So too are rewards. Using each in the appropriate situation will better alter her behavior. At the same time, it increases the chance for you both to get creative with your BDSM. Thinking out of the box is the ideal way to approach this lifestyle. You are only limited by your mind.

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