May 19, 2010

Slave Training: What Is This

The term "slave training" is something I see promoted on different sites around the web. However, have you ever thought about what that term truly means and put it in the context of serving? Most people do not. If you took the time to think it through, you would realize that there is a mixed meaning.

Being A Slave

Becoming a slave entails commiting fully to one person and do whatever that person desires. It is that simple. This is something that I believe few are able to handle. Most like the idea of being able to give up control until they realize what giving up control really means. It is at this point that a person will start to interject his or her desires.

Living as a slave is a tough route to take. It involves much more than just sex. To be "trained" properly, one needs to understand that it is a vastly different idea than what most believe. The images that are presented on the Internet do not reflect the life as a slave. Instead, they are promotional items designed to sell videos. The live of a true slave is more accurately reflected in the life of June Cleaver or Lucy Ricardo.

Sexual Kink

Many believe that being trained as a slave is to be trained at fulfilling particular kinks. Sadly, this is only a small aspect of a slave's responsibilities. Nevertheless, newer people have fantasies about domination/submission sessions. They feel that being trained in bondage, masochism, and other secnes is what is required. These people have the mindset that the M/s lifestyle is about sexual kink. Now, there is nothing wrong with any of these things, nor desiring them. However, to believe this is what one needs training in to make a M/s relationship successful is mistaken. There is a great deal more to it.

The truth of the matter is a slave's sexual kink is meaningless. It only becomes important in terms of how it applies to the Master. When one is seeking training in what he or she views to be his/her kink, what that person is saying is the he/she wants to be trained to have his/her fantasies fulfilled. In others words, I will serve as I wish. This is misses the entire point of the total power exchange. Masters (Mistresses) who are seeking true M/s look for something entirely different.

True Training

When a slave truly wants to be trained and asks for it what that person is asking is to be taught to serve me as I wish. My particular kinks, fetishes, and desires are what are important. The slaves fantasies and wishes will not be taking into account unless I so desire to have concern for them. If I wish to punish for the failure to do something properly, I will do so. What that punishment will be is also decided by me. Whatever actions you are taking is at my direction and your consult is not required. Acceptance and obedience are your highest priorities.

Many will find their stomach turns at this idea. I can understand that. Very few are designed for this way of life. It takes a special person to live the life of a slave. Contrary to popular opinion, a slave is not a weak person. Instead, he or she is someone who is independent and self motivated. That person can handle responsibility when it is handed over and seeks to fulfill all actions in a proper manner. A good slave will not try to "get out of things" nor will they put forth minimal effort. This is a person who seeks to fulfill all instructions to the best of his or her abilities. A slave seeks to serve the one he or she submits to.

For this reason, online slave training is mostly ineffective. Whenever I see someone seeking training, I wonder what that person is trying to accomplish. There is not a manual that dictates how to serve a Master. Every dominant is different. Therefore, we all have individual ways we want things done. To try to put together a "cookie cutter" approach will only create problems. There were a couple of instances where I got with experienced slaves and I had to "deprogram" them from what was acceptable to the last Master. That is not to say my way is better or worse, it is just different. That is something that should be remembered when dealing with new people.

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xantu on May 19, 2010 at 7:41 PM said...

Being a slave has less to do with sex and a lot more to do with knowing how many slices of bacon go on the sandwich, how much salt on the fried egg, how the Levis must be folded, when to be available and when to stay well, well out of the way...

Being a slave is not about being the slave of his fantasies... not your fantasies.

xantu on May 19, 2010 at 7:42 PM said...

...oops... revision... "Being a slave is about being the slave of his fantasies... not your fantasies."


Dennis Najee on May 20, 2010 at 6:08 AM said...

Excellent points xantu. If it was about a slave's fantasies, wouldn't it be a traditional relationship.

Daniella on May 26, 2010 at 3:52 PM said...

Yes, it's hard to be a slave, cause it hurts! It must hurt ...But it's easy when one loves, admires and respects A Master.

Anonymous said...

I am a slave in training and submitting to a master has required submitting to the master desires and it does include pain and punishment at the master choosing if the master is not served correctly.


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