July 29, 2009

The Counter Culture

This lifestyle goes against all that we are taught in society. There are many ideas that our culture promotes which go contrary to what we practice in the BDSM. In fact, our foundation is in direct opposition to what the Western world says is appropriate. Anything straying from this is deemed counter culture.

We live an alternative lifestyle. BDSM, while practiced by most in one degree or another, is not the mainstream lifestyle. Certainly, as one heads further towards the extreme, the numbers get fewer in terms of participants. Pony play, as an example, is of interest to a relative few.

So why do people choose this way of life? Naturally, there are some who will select anything that is against the mainstream. I do not believe these comprise the largest number. Most people choose this way of life because it is right for them. Whatever degree they implement BDSM into their lives is the level which they are happy with.

The concept of total power exchange is foreign to mainstream society. They believe in equality. BDSM is not about equality. It is about one surrendering control to another and that person exercising that control. We move quickly away from equality to a state of complete imbalance. The power breakdown is the fundamental premise of this lifestyle.

As you can see, it is an outrageous concept for the average person to comprehend. Our conditioning leads us to believe that there is only one way to live. This is untrue. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of lifestyles which do not fit into societies "little box". BDSM is just one of them. We have people from all walks of life who elect to live according to something that resides deep within them. This is no different from the average homosexual or goth participant. It is something that one chooses to do regardless of what society states.

For this reason, I feel it takes great courage to enter into something that is counter culture. There is a high degree of misunderstanding from those who are closest to us. Most of us opt to keep our choices to ourselves. The learning curve for many is just too great. It is far easier to live our lives in the fashion we desire without seeking the approval of others. This is how we forge our own path in life.

BDSM is a wonderful way to live...just be prepared for the lack of understanding by others.

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