July 20, 2009

Representing Your Master

Here is another one of those issues that I consider to be a fundamental part of the BDSM lifestyle, especially M/s. An accurate representation at all times of your Master is highly imperative. To deviate from this shows a sub/slave's willingness to insert her own ideas into the relationship.

A slave is a representative of her Master. This is no different than an employee being that for his or her company. The company decided what image it wants to present and all activities such as attire, marketing materials, etc... are all created in accordance with that idea. The same holds true for a slave. He or she is to contour all activities to his/her Master/Mistress's desired outcome.

At all times a slave is doing this. She needs to keep this in mind when she decides to "act up". Nothing is more embarrassing for a Master than to have a slave disrespect him in front of others. It belittles His abilities in the eyes of others. This could include potential slaves or other Masters. Regardless, a slave's place is to uphold her Master's ideals. She can take up any issues in private.

Many slaves seem to think the M/s relationship centers around them. This is the exact opposite of fact. The Total Power Exchange (TPE) dictates that the relationship is focused upon the Master. This is where it differs from the traditional model. There is no equality among the parties involved.

Showing her Master in a positive light is the most important thing a slave can do on a daily basis. This includes how she dresses, behaves, and carries herself. Acting like a child shows her Master to be ineffective and losing control. Few actually take the time to consider what their actions look like from the outside. In the end, a Master will only put up with this behavior for so long. After that, He is forced to make a correction.

It takes practice to learn to view things from the outside. Those who are experienced in the lifestyle tend to naturally think of how things affect their Masters. However, the newer people get caught up in their wishes and desires. They simply fail to look at how their behavior is perceived. A poor reflection on a Master will never sit well.

A slave needs to think before she acts. This is an important part of the M/s relationship. If it is something that you are uncertain about, ask your Master. After all, it is His (Her) wishes you are fulfilling.

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