July 18, 2009

Obedience-The Most Basic Premise

Obedience is what a slave is rated upon. Yet many seem to think that it is their place to manipulate and decide what their Master should do. Some think that it is a proper way to approach the lifestyle. I tend to disagree. There is nothing appealing about a slave who ignores what she is suppose to do. If that is what you want, go live a traditional lifestyle.

I have encountered my share of disobedient slaves. It seems that most of them are from the "online" community. This is just more proof how most of those who are online are not living in reality. Their idea of M/s is complete fantasy.

When one is online, it is easy to ignore her Master. Any directives that are given can be set aside with a simple "yes I did it". How is a Master to know when he is hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away? Many times He only has the word of the slave to go on. Sometimes she will follow the directive, other times she will not.

This all changes when the move to the real world is made. In real time, there are ways that a Master has to uncover the truth. If He asks if the dishes are completed, a surprise visit will reveal whether they were or not. There is a much greater chance to "get caught" in real time.

Those who understand what it truly means to be a slave will not engage in this behavior. There are some who faithfully do everything a Master says while online. These are the ones who have an easy transition to real time. They understand the premise of obedience to their Masters. It is a simple premise for someone who truly wants to serve.

I repeatedly state that the percentage of people cut out for the M/s lifestyle is minimal. It is not for the weak. The total exchange of power is something that few can honestly handle. It goes completely against the conditioning of society. Most people cling to their personal power and cannot give it up. They want this way of life yet are simply incapable of crossing the line of total surrender. It takes a special person to be able to do that.

The contrast to one who is truly committed to being a slave and to one who is playing games is astounding. I recently chatted with one who I knew from a few years ago. She is in a M/s relationship fulfilling her inner desire. She made a great sacrifice to choose this way of life (including leaving her children with her sister). I didn't need to chat with her too long to hear her happiness at her situation. Also, I could hear the level of submission she has for her Master. Everything is about him. Her entire life revolves around the serving of him. Her entire being is for his use and no other. That is what a true slave is. She gets it.

Naturally, this is a rarity. Most who operate online are just playing games. I believe that almost all are fake online. This is equally true for slaves as for Masters. They are all pretenders. Their idea of M/s is to live in the traditional world while playing Master (or slave) online. In the case of the slave, obedience is a factor when something is convenient. This destroys one of the fundamental pillars of the M/s relationship. People like this should remain online since their chance of success is minimal in real time.

M/s has no place for manipulation from a slave. If she truly desires something, she should bring that request to her Master. He will then decide if it is something that He wants her to have. Whatever the decision, a good slave will be happy with whatever the outcome. Her Master has a reason for all He decides. It is not up to her to influence the decision. An obedient slave will accept the decision as rule. That is the degree that this lifestyle goes to. It is not for the faint of heart.

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