July 27, 2009

Online Role Play

There are many groups online who are into the role playing aspect of BDSM. Regular readers of this blog will be surprised by this but I am in favor of this. I believe role playing is a wonderful way to enhance the fantasies people have. And, what better way to expand that than to have someone (or others) involved.

Where I take exception with the online world is where people believe fantasy meets reality. They are not one in the same. Online is called the "virtual world". It is just that. It is not real life. Online M/s, D/s, or some other form of BDSM is not real. It is a form of role playing.

It was pointed out to me that the Internet serves a second purpose when it comes to this lifestyle. I always point to the fact that people have access to such a wide scope of people. That is a huge advantage enjoyed in this era. However, it was also shown to me that the Internet is a wonderful forum for education. Leaving aside my overlooking the obvious, I agree with this two-fold benefit.

The truth is the Internet is many things. Nevertheless, the one thing it is not is real time interaction. The method of communication takes on a different essence than real time. Virtual interaction, just by its definition, is a form of role playing. It is for fantasy fulfillment in this regard. Nothing can be taken as absolutely true.

I take real exception when someone preys upon another's misconception of this reality. There are many who believe that what they experience online is real. Thus, they are susceptible to being taken advantage of by others. This is where the idea of role play turns harmful. One believes it to be true while another is just looking to pass time. It is a disconnect that causes great pain on the one who is buying into the entire situation.

Therefore, I am issuing a warning: enter the online arena with the intention of role playing. It is a wonderful medium to do that. Get your fantasies fulfilled to the nth degree. However, do not believe what you are experiencing is anywhere near reality. It is not. The sooner you accept this truth, the less pain you will likely to endure.

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