July 28, 2009

The Choice of This Life

The last few posts have dealt with the concept of online versus real time. Overall, online has its place. However, it cannot be mistaken for real time. Online activity exists in the virtual world. It is something that cannot replace true human interaction.

One of the most basic ideas missed in the online world is that one can enter it without changing their life one bit. Log onto the computer and you are present in the online world. Enter into a M/s chat room, assume a persona, and you are now a Master or a slave. Nothing major needs to take place. Every other aspect of your life remains the same.

Contrast this with someone who made the decision to enter into a real time relationship. There were a variety of factors he or she needed to consider. Many have children to think about before making a decision. Jobs and living situations are always in need of resolving. A decision to move into this way of life affects many more than just the Dom or sub.

At the same time, many quickly realize that family (and close friends) do not understand the lifestyle. Tell your parents that you are moving to another state to be a slave and they will commit you to an institution. Our society understands matters of the heart. However, it has difficulty with alternative lifestyles.

Making the decision to pursue this life in real time is one that is difficult to make. It is a wonderful payoff for many. Nevertheless, there is still devastation even in the best of circumstances. Oftentimes, things do not work out as desired. This is a lesson of life. It is not exclusive to BDSM or any other lifestyle. Those who are committed to it have a better chance of surviving. Those who approach it like a new pair of shoes are apt to end up discouraged.

Making a lifestyle choice is a serious matter. Many make it seem like nothing online. Do not be misled. Consider the magnitude of the decision one faces when announcing he or she is gay. It is not something those individuals take lightly. You should take the election of entering into the M/s, D/s, or BDSM way of life with the same thoughtfulness. It is a real decision that affects many lives.

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