September 21, 2008

Rope Tying

My entry into the BDSM world exposed one glaring aspect of my upbringing-the fact that I was never a boyscout. Growing up, this is something that I never partook in. However, I see many who are in the BDSM lifestyle who are better served for being involved in this organization. Those individuals seem to excel at knot tying, a crucial aspect of the BDSM scene.

I will admit to you that I am terrible at tying knots. This is something that I never was able to master. I can tie a double and, perhaps, a slip knot. That is the extent of my expertise. Thankfully, cuffs can serve the same purpose in most situations.

For those who are frequent readers of this blog, you already know how safety is one of the most vital aspects of our way of life. Everything needs to take a backseat to this concept. When dealing with rope, one needs to take all precautions to prevent injury to a sub. Remember, that person is putting his or her trust in You.

Those who were in the Boy Scouts are adept at playing with rope. So, too, are those who sail. However, for the rest of us, understanding the basic of how to safely utilize rope is crucial. Circulation is crucial to avoiding injury to another. For this reason, an understanding of the circulatory system is also helpful. I would recommend reading some basic medical texts to get an idea of the different pressure points in the body (and you thought you were just going to get your kink on). A rope that cuts of one's circulation can cause permanent nerve damage.

The BDSM scene is something that is enjoyable for both parties. However, approaching it in a safe manner is something that all need to consider.

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