September 18, 2008

Looking Past The Sex

Many are attracted to the lifestyle initially because of the sexual aspect. Some submissives crave being taken and used sexually. Simultaneously, many Masters love the idea of having one at His complete disposal. To have someone obey His every sexual whim is something that is appealing to a Master. However, anyone who is involved in this for any length of time will know there is a great deal more to the lifestyle than that.

I meet many who claim to have the desire of being a 24/7 slave. The tendency is for them to focus on the sexual aspect. They love the idea of being "taken" at any time while used as a complete pleasure toy. Serving their Master for His pleasure is their goal. However, many fail to visualize past the sex part.

What does being a 24/7 entail? Sexual submission is certainly part of it. However, there are many more aspects which one should consider. While many will talk about pleasure versus domestic slaves, in reality, they tend to be one in the same. Some will take sex slaves periodically. Yet, this is usually not under the 24/7 category. A slave is used however a Master chooses. There are times where He seeks pleasure while wanting His domestic affairs attended to.

When one is looking at the 24/7 lifestyle, one must consider what it is like to be a domestic slave. A slave's time is spent more on satisfying her Master in that area than is spent in sexual activities. Are you one who desires to spend your evenings after work cooking, cleaning, and other tedious tasks. Those with the "homemaking" mentality will not have a problem with this. Some who have a more wild spirit might resist this change.

Another thing to consider is doing without your Master's attention. Many fail to understand that once one submits, she is without any rights. Ponder how big a statement that is. If a Master elects to focus His attention on other areas of His life, that is how it will be. Can you accept waiting at home for Him while He is out? Are you one who cannot live without the constant contact of your Master? This might be a real possibility.

I write this without the intention of trying to dissuade anyone from entering the M/s world. Yet I feel it necessary that one goes into this with a full awareness of what life could be like. The polyanna attitude will only work for so long. Ensuring that a M/s relationship survives requires effort, work, and realistic expectations. Knowing oneself while understand how you will react in certain situations helps to prepare one for what occurs.


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