September 30, 2008

Differences Of Opinion

It is always interesting to see how people degrade the ideas of others within the BDSM community. I find this fascinating since many of us experience the prejudice of society in general. Yet, instead of rallying around this way of life, there are those who prefer to tear others down. Usually, these are the ones who are the so-called "experts". They insist that their way of life is the only way.

The wonderful part about BDSM is the broadness of it. There are so many ways to be involved in this lifestyle that it is too numerous to list. Also, the end result is that people enjoy themselves. Sex is meant to be fun. Most people in this way of life are highly sexual beings. Why shouldn't they enhance that aspect of their life? How they go about doing it is nobody's business. As long as it is done in a safe manner, what goes on between two consenting adults is their deal. Everyone else can jump in a lake.

Many want to critique the ideas of others. Often, this is done in a demeaning way. Being a person who values freedom, I cede this is that person's right. However, there is a saying that "nobody ever erected a statue for a critic". Many times people leave harsh comments about something that I wrote. My response is "what have you ever done for this lifestyle champ?". It is easy for one to sit on the sidelines and pass judgment. Nevertheless, people who are worth a crap are actually in the game.

There are going to be differences of opinion. No two Doms control a sub the same way. Each has his or her style that works. The same is true for subs. I have yet to meet two who were identical. Each has her own qualities and attributes. BDSM is truly a lifestyle that is contoured to each individual's tastes. This is one of the more appealing characteristics of it in my opinion.

So the next time you want to get on your high horse, I ask you, what makes you so damn important? What have you ever done that makes your opinion worth anything? Before you condemn, let's see your list of accomplishments. I always find it interesting that the ones who are usually running their mouths (keyboards in this case) are the ones who are bitter and alone. Ironic that O/one who screwed up every relationship wants to advise others on what to do.

The bottom line is there is more than one way to practice this way of life. If what someone else does is not to your liking, shut your lips and mind your own business. That is how mature, enlightened people approach life. Of course, those who feel the need to bully to prove they are right are really just showing how low their self esteem is. The bully is the one in schoolyard who is always pushing others around to hide the fact that he thinks little of himself. This persists until somebody stands up to him by punching him square in the face.

There are enough people looking to put us down for our beliefs. The need to do this among ourselves should not occur. Work on your self esteem so that you do not feel the need to "always be right". Going off on a tirade does not prove that you are much of a person. Allowing others to be themselves is the mark of a true adult.

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