September 29, 2008

The Desire To Serve

Submission is something that is entirely personal to a sub/slave. The depth which one is willing to go varies greatly from person-to-person. There are many who want to live in 24/7; serving around the clock. Then there are those who only want this situation occasionally. This is one of the wonderful aspects of the BDSM world. It allows for great flexibility among those who are involved.

The desire to serve is something that comes from deep within one, in my opinion. Many cannot understand this aspect of a person. Obviously, this is not something that society promotes. Control and power are the qualities that it says are important. You are a success only to the degree that these are achieved. However, submission is a characteristic that is admirable. The selfless giving of oneself to another is to be cherished.

I speak often to many who are not in this lifestyle. In days past, I tried to explain the position that a sub/slave takes. I did my best to relate the experiences and feelings of those who I interacted with over the years. Yet, never was I able to convey it to these people. Simply, they did not get it. Nor would they ever. It is not something that the average person can comprehend. To them it is a foreign concept. "I would never submit to a man" or "My man needs to listen to me" are sentences I heard. These people wanted to retain the power and control.

Does this make them wrong? Not at all. These individuals did not have the overwhelming desire to serve another. My experience leads me to believe that only a small percentage of the population falls into this category. Perhaps it is a bit larger when you look at the many who lovingly serve their children. However, this is a great deal different than serving a Dom/Master. The ones who are able to submit to this degree seem small as compared to the general population.

Service is something that should be admired. We take it for granted as a quality. Sadly, those who perform that work in our culture are looked down upon. They are the ones on the lower rung of society. Choosing to live the life of a submissive is a terrific way to fulfill your inner desire. It is something that one need not be shameful about. And, it certainly is not a sign of weakness. Many make this mistake. There is nothing more powerful than one living his or her life in the way that it was meant to be. It takes courage to do the inner search to arrive at the conclusion that W/we all do. Most tend to follow the values and virtues of what society itself is promoting. To me, this is cowardice. Choose to live the life the way that your inner core tells you to. It is the path to happiness. Hopefully, BDSM is the way that provides your answer.

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