September 15, 2008


Many like the idea of owning someone 24/7. This is a concept that gets the imagination stirring. The first place people tend to jump is into the sexual arena. They love the idea of being able to take one sexually whenever, wherever, and however He or She sees fit. Also, it is almost equally appealing to consider what it is like to have one wait on you however you determine.

What many fail to consider is the responsibility that goes along with being in this position. Control equates to a lot of responsibility. The one in control needs to be responsible for all that occurs. A sub/slave cannot assume responsibility for the direction of what occurs if he/she submits fully. This is a part of the submission process. The exchange of power is complete.

Safety is the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about the BDSM relationship. This applies regardless of what type of relationship it is. The one in control is responsible for ensuring the safety of His/Her sub. This really becomes important when the relationship is relegated only to a scene. The Dom/Domme is the One who makes sure the sub is safe, both physically and mentally.

A 24/7 relationship carries a host of other responsibilities that most overlook. While many can work, it ultimately is the Dom/Master who needs to provide for His/Her one. This includes providing the guidance required to move the relationship forward. Leadership is one of the qualities which a person in this position needs. One looks to maximize the capabilities of His/Her sub. Being able to size up the potential of one is another important factor. What is he/she best suited to do? This is a question many fail to look at.

There are times when being a Dom/Master is extremely difficult. Many seem to go into the relationship not knowing what to expect. I must tell you that the BDSM relationship is not a bowl of cherries. There are many issues One needs to deal with. For both a Dom and sub, there is a reality which differs greatly from the fantasy portrayed online. It is best to learn the facts before accepting another's submission. Being in control means being responsible.

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