September 15, 2008

Sexual Freedom

What are you in the mood for? This is one of the primary benefits of a sexually free lifestyle. You can do whatever you desire so long as it is legal. Many of us in the BDSM way of life know the benefits of fulfilling our sexual whims. Literally, what is a fantasy for others is a regular part of our life.

Being a Dom allows me to exert control and influence in a manner that I desire. Of course, the mutual payoff exists. It is exciting to see the pleasure one (or more) receives from pleasuring Me. A submissive craves being used in a manner which satisfies her Dom. Using one in this capacity stimulates the dominant streak to the max.

We get to decide what our pleasure is. Group sex is a consistent part of my reality. I do the things that other in my office only dream of. Is it Me? No, it is the result of choosing a lifestyle which partners Me with people who are equally as driven. Sexual freedom is something that few can imagine. When you do meet up with those who think the same way, the world is at your doorstep. All the societal morays are removed. Pleasure is what we seek.

BDSM is more than just whips and leather. It is a total way of life. Sexually, we are some of the most diverse people. We like everything from straight one-on-one to orgies to bondage to extreme. There is nothing that is left unimagined. If you can think of it, we probably tried it. Join this way of life to open yourself up to all that it has to offer.


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