October 29, 2008

Willingness versus Ability

Many who are new to the lifestyle are concerned about their ability to serve the One they are with. This is a natural reaction since the desire to please is so great. However, I feel that ability is secondary to willingness. At least this is true initially.

Each person is different in terms of their skills, background, and experiences. It is unfair to expect someone new to the lifestyle to perform the same as one who has years of experience. This is true in all aspects of life. Some learn rather quickly while others take a little longer. The key, for me, it is to have a sub/slave progress at a rate that is proper for her.

I found that ability is not what determines one's success in serving. What is the determining factor is the willingness that one has each day. A sub/slave who is unwilling will not be successful. I often wonder why one got into the lifestyle each time I encounter someone like this.

The actions that one is expected to take can be taught. Over time, I can show a sub/slave exactly what I want done. Yet, the willingness to serve is something that I cannot provide. I believe this is a trait that is ingrained in that person which I simply help to uncover.

So, when I get with someone who is new, this is the first area that I focus my attention on. It is the willingness that seems to make the difference.


Aislinn on October 29, 2008 at 4:14 PM said...

willingness it definitely something that one just has to have. and not just a willingness to do but the want to be willing to do things. You can be willing to do something but not have the true desire to do it. You have to have the desire and the willingness to serve.

just my thoughts anyway


Anonymous said...

I have an incredible desire to do as he wishes and to serve. I love my Master. This is new to me and my confusion lies within that boundary where he wants me to submit, yet, wants me to resist.

Dawn said...

Any comments or suggestions you have are welcome.

My name is Dawn.


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