October 16, 2008

Simple Play (Punishment)

BDSM is a wide spectrum ranging from the soft to the extreme. How deep one ventures is entirely up to that person. For many new people, it is overwhelming. They read different articles and sites on the Internet only to learn that there are many layers to this lifestyle. What is one to do?

Spanking is a simple way to enhance your pleasure. It is also a mild entry into the BDSM world. Obviously, many experiment with this technique often not realizing that it is consider to be part of BDSM. I would guess the vast percentage of the population has spanked/been spanked during sex. Again, this is a mild form of BDSM yet something that many can expand upon.

For those couples who have determined the Dom/sub roles, spanking is a wonderful way to move a bit deeper into the lifestyle. Punishments are often necessary for one's training. A spanking is a terrific way to levy a punishment. The severity of the blows can be adjusted to reflect the magnitude of the misdeed.

Spanking also will allow a sub to experiment with her pain threshold. Many find that pain provides them pleasure. Helping a sub find her limits is one of the primary responsibilities of a Dom, especially when they are romantically involved with each other. Spanking offers the pain aspect without getting into the extreme segments of the lifestyle that include whips and canes.

Try this time tested technique. You will find that spanking offers the dual role of being an act of pleasure, and one of punishment.


kittenone on October 16, 2008 at 11:22 PM said...

A spanking is one thing that so many involved in BDSM enjoy, and as you have rightly said it is also a good way to experiment with when first looking at moving your relationship into another level, whether they are romantically involved or not.


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