November 1, 2008

Knowing Your Place

The M/s lifestyle is a voluntary one. Nobody can be forced into being a sub or a slave. This is a decision that each has to make. However, once the decision is made to enter this way of life, one is expected to know her place. Failure to do so creates the situation that needs addressing-a resolution which is often not accommodating to that individual.

Naturally, there is a major difference between a sub and slave. To me, the level of commitment means that treatment is altered. Obviously, one who desires to serve as a slave is accepting a greater degree of control exerted over him or her. In this arrangement, the exchange of power is total. Nothing is retained by the slave.

When one enters as a sub, she is agreeing to retain control over a portion of his/her life. The exchange of power is complete only in those areas that pertain to the submission. For example, a sub may submit during a scene but the power is equaled after the scene is ended. Or the domination might only include sex while all other aspects of the relationship is level.

In both cases, there is a "negotiated" agreement with respect to the power. It is understood that the exchange is total in the M/s relationship. The decision to do this means that the Master is in control. That is what "total power exchange" means.

Too many seem to forget the nature of our relationships. It is easy to fall back into old behavior of wanting to have a voice. Slaves have emotions like everyone else. However, it is best to understand your place within the relationship. Again, failure to do so can have adverse consequences.

A slave's place is to make her Master's life easier. Unfortunately, the slave's ego often gets in the way to cause turmoil. This is true when there are multiple people involved. I have seem so many petty arguments transpire over the littlest things. It makes One wonder if he is indeed dealing with adults. Jealousy and the "one upping" game can drive a Master crazy. More than once the idea passed through my mind to clean house and return to the traditional lifestyle.

Of course, this is not meant to deter anyone from the lifestyle. This is just one of the many situations that a Master needs to deal with. When the one(s) who submits forgets her place, problems arise. Ultimately, the Master is forced to make a decision to resolve the issue.



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