October 4, 2008

Unhappy People

Have you ever been to a party and seen someone who is completely miserable? Of course, we all have. What is interesting is that the same thing occurs at BDSM or swinger parties. There are some people who just want to sulk regardless of the environment.

I was recently at a swinger's party (I know not BDSM but bear with me) where there was one there who was a total party killer. This particular event had a fair bit of action. Unlike many where people are standing around, on this evening people were getting into it. Sex was occurring everywhere. For those who like the group thing, it was an amazing site.

Now to our party killer. She was someone who I did not know. However, within minutes of being introduced to her she was ranting about how horrible everything was. She proceeded to degrade most of the men there and all the women. To her, there was something wrong with everyone. I am sure you can identify with this type of person.

Luckily, I was able to get away from this woman. She is nothing but a constant complainer. Nothing is ever good enough for her. In truth, she is a miserable person. Personally, I want nothing to do with anyone like that. Life is too short to occupy my time with killjoys such as her. Let her find someone who is as miserable and they can have a pity party together.

This reminds me of another one who was at a BDSM gathering that I attended a couple of years ago. The event was held at a friend's house who is deeply involved in the lifestyle. He and his wife really have a BDSM playground. Almost every room in their house is set up for play. Every toy you can imagine was there. They even managed to create a full dungeon room for scenes to take place. Overall, it is one of the better BDSM houses I saw.

You can guess what I am going to mention next. Another killjoy. There was a man there who complained the entire evening. If it was not the furniture that got it, it was the accessories. First he was upset that they didn't have any bamboo (guess they ran out; who knows). Then, he focused on how a dominatrix was doing a scene all wrong. After that he decided that this party was not worth the distant that he had to drive. Thankfully, I can say I never saw this person again.

My experience is that people like this cannot be reasoned with. There are some who are just miserable in their life. Many of them have control issues which leads to them having attitude since we all know most things in life are out of our hands. People are often jaded over past relationships, emotions which they never dealt with. Sadly, these are the ones who are the loudest. Their insecurities make them believe that everyone else needs to hear them.

BDSM is a way of life that is exciting, fun, and enjoyable. However, it does not solve our life problems. Also, the issues that other people have are prevelant in this lifestyle. When people want to bring all their misery and unhappiness to you, it is best to walk the other way. Why allow these people to ruin your day?

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