January 6, 2015

To Be Taken Seriously Online....Fill Out Your Profile

Go to any BDSM online site and it will not take you long to find those profiles of slave complaining about the emails they receive from the pretenders, creeps, and misfits of society.  Many of these posts are warranted since we know that the dingbats reign supreme in the medium.  However, there is something that I realized which warrants pointing out.

There seems to be a lot of people who put nothing up in their profiles.  They are blank.  I notice this especially on the submissive side (the dominants are very willing to write how great they are).  Why would you do this?  Do you really think you are going to attract someone serious when you provide absolutely nothing to go on?  I read these profiles and think "what would I say if I even wanted to contact this person" which obviously I do not since there is nothing to generate interest.

Therefore, if you want to avoid being classified as a fake, then fill out the profile.  Put something in there.  I understand not getting too personal since there are many who will use information against you.  However, some of the basics such as your experience, what you seek, like/dislikes, and time in this way of life are helpful.  Certainly, this will not eliminate the morons doing their thing and bombarding your inbox with their garbage.  However, it will allow those who are serious in their search to send you something thoughtful.

Just a quick tip that came to mind last night.


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