January 12, 2015

Married "Masters"

Today I am going to take the gloves off and unload with both barrels.  It seems some simply do not understand nor use their heads for anything other than putting some make up on.

I am the first to admit that submissive ones are intelligent.  However, coming across the stories I see, one is led to believe that stupid does apply.  Hopefully, clarity will be provided after this post.

It seems that many run across the married "master".  Of course, this makes sense since we know many of those operating online are only after sex.  This applies also to the submissive side of the equation also.  Many see BDSM as kinky sex (which it is...in part) and figure this is the answer to their drab sex lives.  While this is true to some degree, it is also a false belief since BDSM offers so much more.  However, for those who are only interested in kinky sex, have at it.

The problem arises is that these "slaves" get involved with these married "masters" expecting more.  What makes me laugh is this situation is compounded when we find out the "master" is in a vanilla marriage.  This is where the rubber meets the road.

Seriously people, use your mind for something productive.  Here is a simple fact.  A man who is involved in a vanilla marriage and is cheating on his wife, no matter what the excuse, is not a master.  It is impossible for this to be for many reasons but I will limit it to the most basic, the p***y.

In most vanilla relationships, the woman controls the pussy.  If you find this not to be true, ask most married men.  The woman decides when they f**k, if she takes it up the ass, or if she will swallow.  He is subservient to her in this regard.  Of course, as the ole saying goes, control the p***y and you control all.  Hence, we see her power filter into other areas of the relationship.  The truth is this guy has no control over his marriage yet he is out there espousing to be a master.

Naturally, I need to insert my usual caveat.  This applies to those who are running around behind their wives backs.  There are many who are married who have open relationships.  This situation is entirely different.  Also, there are masters who are fully immersed into BDSM who are married to a slave but opt to add others.  These individuals are operating according BDSM protocol of openness and integrity.  With their spouses full knowledge, they are taking care of their domain.  Compare this with the weasels who have the wives who "just don't understand".

Sadly, the situation gets worse.  I was chatting with one who relayed a story about a couple subs/slaves she knew.  A "master" had them move in together because he wanted them under the same roof and save money.  Of course, he was married to a vanilla girl and he took the slaves money which he used because his wife took all his.  Seriously, people fall for this stuff?  Obviously, these individuals were naive and caught up in the "I am master, obey my power" garbage.  Again, common sense would ask, if this guy cannot even control his marriage, how can he control anything?

So what is one to do?  Really, I could care less if someone wants to use a married man.  Screw him all you want if he gets you off.  Have him take you to dinner and buy you things.  Hell, if he is willing, have him rent you an apartment.  What do I care?  The point is do not mistake that for being in a M/s relationship.  If you want to use him, go ahead.  But do not give him any power over you because he is incapable of handling it.  He is a little slug slithering through life.  An individual of this sort is just using the umbrella of BDSM to use others.  Sadly, he is no different from the abuser who uses BDSM to beat and assault women.  They both leave a wake of hurt in their path.

Do not buy into the bullshit.  He will have a variety of excuses I am sure as to why he cannot leave his wife.  The kids, it will cost too much, she is sick, etc.. will all be thrown out.  Ironically, some might have validity.  However, these are excuses married, cheating men have been using on women for centuries.  Again, if she is in control of the home, what is he in control of?

Therefore, in closing, use him to your advantage if you want.  However, under no circumstance are you to give him any control over you nor your money.  That is just stupid and slaves are not stupid beings.


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Anonymous said...

The majority of Your posts have great insights, but in my opinion this post is to shallow.

Melby's journey on January 14, 2015 at 11:16 PM said...

The are my views and opinions on this.

The "Married guy" is just a cheater and there seems to be many around like that.

If he is not willing to disclose to his wife he has a house full of sub-missives/slave/pets for his use then that just a red flag.

I would also assume he can't be honest with his subs either, his time would be limited to spending time with any of them.

And what about the needs of all involved?

Guess there are those who like being an "option"

His main goal is to please his wife and/or family, appease his wife and keep the peace.

And he is getting some good ass on the side.

A submissive/slave should need, want, respect and appreciate her Master, how anyone can respect someone who continuously lies to his main partner in life? and possibly even you.

Bet he is going to leave his wife for them too. ( Not really) but some people choose to believe anything.

Where is the:
in any of that.

Thanks for sharing!

Dardillion said...

I have come across a few married men claiming the role of Master. And I am luckier than most having been given the pleasure years ago of being sub to a Master who taught me correct protocol, correct handling etc.. & because Master had given me knowledge, I now know who to avoid.
Married men under the guise of Master are stupidity itself. Stupid to believe that trained subs would fall for that crap, stupid to believe in their own fantasy..
I wish there was a way to convey to all those 'toe dippers' out there that BDSM is more than they think, they don't understand or even want to get the jist of how we are. I wish there was no abuse, no manipulation, no cause for alarm.. but sadly online, and offline.. that is not the case. Power hungry idiots are everywhere, and they care for nothing as long as they get what they want.
A Master is never power hungry nor would he seek to have his sub believe he is all mighty.. all powerful.. a god! Stupid.. Stupid ... Stupid!
As for the married men, they're even more stupid to think they could have control over a sub, to make up for the lack of control in their own marriage. That is not a man!! He could never be a Master. I have much more to say on this topic but will stop for now.

Vanilla Flavor said...

I have been married for 35 years to my husband. Recently I discovered his secret life of being a Dom. He didn't have the guts to tell me. Coward! I found out by discovering his collection of toys and ropes. I happened to be out of town visiting my 93 year old mother when he had his play date with the sub. Obviously, I have been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. The thing that angers me the most is not that he is into kinky sex, that I can understand, but it is the fact that he was unfaithful, dishonest, and disrespectful to sneak around behind my back! Also, it is very disturbing to me that the sub he found online at "subs seeking doms" was fully aware that he was married and not in an open marriage. That is infidelity on his part and his sub is a low life for enabling him to live a lie! I am emotionally shattered and in so much mental pain that I can barely get out of bed. The humiliation I feel is real, not the sort delivered in BDSM sex scenes. I will never be able to trust him again in spite of the fact that I deeply love him. I wish I didn't love him. To that sub who was a player in ending my marriage, you should know that I was the one who held his head up when he was puking over the toilet after his chemotherapy and radiation. I was the one who helped him graduate from law school! I was the one who always had his back when he was suffering. You just had his dick in your mouth! It is never OK to lie, cheat, and participate in emotionally damaging a wife who is unaware of her husband's secret life! Vanilla wives need to have equal representation in the BDSM blog sites and articles. This is real pain, not a game!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I've been pulled in so many times by this man's lies. I have to stop. He convinces me all the time he lover me but as a slave. I need to get away

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I've been pulled in so many times by this man's lies. I have to stop. He convinces me all the time he lover me but as a slave. I need to get away

Anonymous said...

Myself as well was in a strictly vanilla lifestyle , at 50 yrs old if was very disturbing but intriguing finding my live in boyfriend in this lifestyle and lived two lives.. I was to consumed in my business and my own life not worrying what he was lacking. Now that things ended not the way intended if he only was up front and honest from the gate we could have been in a relationship we both wanted and played well with others.. after going through a slow healing process I am up n atom 100% and truly am aware of what my faults were for my future relationships... ladies living vanilla you do not need to submit just be more aware of your surroundings and play attention to your mannn
If I could do it all over I would in a heart beat ..
of course it takes two to tango but I will tell you his shoes are higher then mine and he dresses slutty something he told me to never do.. lol

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