December 8, 2014

Taking Responsibility Even After Release

The topic I am going to discuss deals with the responsibility of a Master to a slave after a breakup.  Before getting into that, I need to establish a bit of a foundation so as not to confuse everyone.  The scenario I am dealing with here pertains to a M/s relationship with the 24/7 component to it.  Most likely, the slave resides with the Master and is under his total control.  All financial issues are handled by and property of the Master.  A slave does not own her paycheck nor the money coming in.  Anything she has is granted to her by her owner.

Again, I want to make this very clear that this is talking about M/s with TPE as the central component.  The slave is considered property of her Master.  I know there are many different variation within the BDSM community and ways to structure a relationship.  I just want to be clear about the type of situation I am discussing.

That being said, as mentioned, under this structure the Master reaps all the benefits from the slave's employment.  This is in line with the idea that property does not own property.  A slave has her basic needs met by the Master along with any other extras that he chooses to give her.   This is all in keeping with the idea of slavery.

The problem I have is that many of the "masters" seem to think it is a one way street.  They are very happy to accept the money while she is with him yet seem to want to absolve themselves of responsibility once the relationship ends.  What I am going to bring up is considered by many to be an "old school" idea but it is applicable to this situation.

With power comes responsibility.  When one gives herself, i.e. her life, to another, that entails a great deal of responsibility on the part of the dominant.  It is not a decision to take lightly.  Naturally, we know relationships can end and not all of them see us living happily ever after.  This means a breakup can occur.  In this world, this entails the slave being released.  End of discussion.

Well not exactly.  The problem with this concept is that the responsibility of the Master did not end.  Even though the slave was released, his obligation to her is such that he needs to tend to her until she gets back on her feet.  In most instances, this is a financial commitment.  I see far too many supposed masters leaving the slave destitute.  This is not what BDSM is all about.

I will give you an example.  I had a live in slave for about 5 years.  Upon our termination of the relationship, she had absolutely nothing financially.  This makes sense since it was a true M/s structure where all she had was mine.  So what did we do?  To start, I gave her $5,000 to get her and her stuff back home.  Once there, she had some money to carry her for a while until she found a job.  However, due to the pay schedule of her employment (they get paid monthly) she didnt have enough to get her through to her first full paycheck.  Hence, I wired her another $1,000 to cover some of the basic things that she required.  This got her through until she got her first month's salary and could make her own way.

Another example is a slave friend I have who was in a slave household.  All the slaves worked and forwarded their checks to the Master.  What this particular Master did was took a portion of each check and put it in an account for each girl.  The result was that, over time, enough money was amassed so that when my friend (or any other girl on the house) moved on, she had enough money for a deposit on an apartment, a couple months rent and other expenses until she was able to get her financial house in order.  This is a Master who understood his responsibility to a slave did not end simply because the interaction between the two of them did.

It is obvious why I bring this up.  One does not have to look to far or read too many profiles before uncovering one who was left "high and dry" by some master.  It is always interesting to read how these individuals self describe themselves as stern but fair yet they fall short on a major responsibility towards the one under their protection.  Again, as I wrote a number of times, a BDSM relationship is not a one-way street.  Both parties have responsibilities towards each other.  Neither is allowed to absolve themselves of this crucial point.  One again, we see this starts with the basic commitment to the lifestyle.  If you are going to be a "master" in the BDSM world, there is a certain level of behavior that is expected.  Owning someone is a lot more than just having someone clean your house and present her holes whenever you want.  It is the taking over of someone's life and improving upon it through growth.  And, in this world, this responsibility does not end simply because you released her.


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