December 21, 2014

The Primal

This is a post that was forwarded to me which struck a chord with me.  After some reflection, I felt the need to post it here.  Hopefully you will take the words written here and consider them.  Often, we like to use common labels because they help us maintain a sense of structure or order.  This post offers up some insight.

The post was written by James Ross Rawley and is found on FL.  At the end, I linked to the original article for anyone who is interested in researching this man's views further.  I will state I do not know him personally nor have I ever interacted with him.  I am simply posting his words because they moved me in a particular way.  My hope is they do the same for you.

I have been asked by some why I have chosen Primal as my identifier here instead of the many options that Fetlife (in its wisdom) has chosen to offer.

Quite frankly because Primal is what I feel I am

Primal is about the Five Connection, imho

The Spirit, The Intellect, The Emotion, The Instinct and Lust.

I play with those people whom I feel three out of the Five

I get involved with those I feel Four

I get deeply involved with those I feel all Five

It is the Primal Connections that matter to me and I FEEL and not the labels some see.

My definition of this is what I have decided to make of it and it has served me well since I have adopted it
I hope this is a help to those seeking their path on their Journey


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