December 24, 2014

Most Important Question

This is a question that everyone needs to answer.

Is Domination/submission something you are or is it something you do?

To me, this is the difference between living the way or role playing.

By the way, whatever the answer is, if it suits you, is appropriate.  The reason why answering is vital is simply because your approach to things is going to vary based upon your answer.

For me personally, this is something that I am.  There is no separation whatsoever.  I see profiles which says something to the effect that I want someone who is able to have a BDSM life and be vanilla outside of it.  This is a clear sign that this person is a role player.  To her, BDSM is something she does (or has done to her).  Therefore, in my writings, you see a bleeding of knowledge I acquired from a variety of sources.  Again, there is no separation so all information that pertains to me as a person applies to BDSM.  My influences come from spirituality, self help/personal development, and psychology.  This blended with my own life experiences cause for a greater expansion of myself and those I interact with.

One way to answer this question is to determine where your focus is.  If you concentrate on the whips and chains aspect of this way of life, then you are into role playing.  Seeking to expand your skills in these areas exclusively is a sign of this outlook.  For those who realize domination/submission is something they are, then growth is the key component.  Since there is no separation, overcoming obstacles within oneself so as to expand as a total entity becomes the primary focus.

So ponder this for a while.

Is Domination/submission something you are or is it something you do?


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