September 28, 2010

Live Your Own Life

My last post mentioned 'embracing the darkness' which signified a conceptual idea that we should follow the path that best suits us. This path might be contrary to what the mainstream considers 'normal'. There are an assortment of groups/people who feel they have the right to tell you how to live your life. We see it all the time promoted on television. Followers of a particular dogma feel they know the 'right' way. Anything (anyone) who is outside those bounds is labeled immoral, unnatural, or perverted. In short, they are judged to holy hell.

Be An Adult

It is crucial for people to grow up. Few ever do this. Instead, they follow the edicts set down by others without questioning. Whatever they were taught is right. Anything outside this is discarded immediately. Open-mindedness is not a common theme in a civilized work. Rather, blind obedience is expected.

Part of reaching adulthood is exercising the ability to make one's own choices. This is how the theory works anyway. In reality, few actually take this tract. We now live in a world where the major mindset is subscribing to the 'nanny mentality'. People expect someone or something else to take care of them. It seems to matter little what country or culture you look at. Freedoms are being eliminated at an astounding rate. Sadly, the greatest freedom that is removed is freedom of thought. The masses appear to be brainless twits spewing the mantra of the day.

Adulthood means making decisions that best serve you (and those under your care). After all, it is your life. Once you reach the age of conscious, rational choice, you are free to behave as you see fit. Fitting into the 'little box' others created for you is a choice. Do you opt to live as they determine or as you want? That is the choice all of us are confronted with.

Loved Ones

I often caution people who are new to this way of life to be extremely careful who they tell about this decision. It seems many have the desire to tell all of the choice to live as a slave (as an example). They want to scream it from the top of every roof. The excitement at finding something new overwhelms people. This new happiness leads to the desire to share the revelation with anyone who will listen.

Sadly, few understand anything about this life. My experience is that sharing something this personal only opens one up to extreme judgment from those who are suppose to love him/her the most. This seems illogical but is the reality of life. Often, the greatest judgments we get are from those who are closest to us. It is not uncommon to hear one say ' I only want you to be happy'. However, what this person is really saying is that he or she wants you to be happy as long as the choices you make agree with what they would decide.

Please bear in mind that these people only want what is best for you. They are not ill-intentioned. Nevertheless, the idea that they know what is best for you is absurd. Another fact that makes it insane is that there is a great chance the person offering the advice 'settled' in his/her life also. Remember, few take the time to think about what they truly want in life. Most simply succumb to the wishes of others.

BDSM Is Not Mainstream

BDSM is an alternative lifestyle. It is something that is considered abnormal by many people. Those of us who presently live this life had to make a conscious choice to go 'against the grain'. We do not choose this path to be rebellious. Instead, it is the following of an inner desire that lures us. At some point we realized that the path promoted by the mainstream didnt lead to the fulfillment promised. Somehow we found ourselves wanting.

Living your own life entails making those decisions that you think best for you. Accept the fact that others might not understand the options you exercise. Stepping outside the bounds of 'normal' opens one up to the judgments and attacks of others. Nevertheless, for many of us, it was a necessary action if we ever were to be happy. Remember, the most important thing for you to exercise is freedom of thought. Decide for yourself how you want to live your life.

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