September 20, 2010

Inequality is Natural

Everywhere you turn today we hear people promoting the idea of equality. Phrases such as "leveling the playing field" are tossed about like this is some kind of reality. The simple fact is that most people fail to study history. And, as the saying goes, they are deemed to repeat it.

All Men Are Created Equal

These words were written in by a Founding Father during the establishment of our government. We will leave aside the fact that this person owned slaves (in a non-consensual way) for a moment and point out the fact that this is untrue. All men (people) are not created equal. Many serve a much greater purpose than other. Talents, intelligence, and motivation are not doled out on an equal basis. This is something that most want to ignore.

The truth is that I will never be able to compete with Michael Jordan athletically, Steven Hawking on an intellectual level, or Bill Clinton on a charisma level. All these men are further advanced then I am. Also, their checkbooks reflect how society rewards them at a much greater level than me. The same is true for Oprah Winfrey, Bill O'Reilly, and Donald Trump. These people achieve such a degree of worldly success that they are considered 'elite'.

History sees this same story replayed over and over. There always were elite. Every empire that ruled had its citizens that stood above the masses. Pick up any history book and you will see the same names repeated. Some were philosophers while others were royalty. There were successful military leaders and simple folk who rose to great heights. Cicero. Napoleon. Constantine. Lincoln.

Societal Belief

Society likes to believe in equality. I feel it is comforting for it to carry this dream with it. No place is this represented better than in the institution of marriage. The traditional model holds that men and women are equal in a marital situation. The term 'partners' is often used to describe them. However, further review will reveal how untrue this is.

How many marriages have an equal breakdown of power? Very few. While the institutions might grant equality in its essence, reality shows that one party is always more powerful than the other. Have you ever seen the guy who has to ask his wife to go out with the guy Or the woman who has to clear an expenditure with her man? This deferring of power shows the inequality in the relationship.

If we expand our thinking even further, we see that there is inequality in every relationship. Consider the employer/employee relationship. Naturally, the employer has the authority that comes with the position. But who has the power? That depends upon the relationship. For example, a high producing salesperson in a small firm can wield a great deal of power with the owner since he or she creates much of the revenue stream. Contrast that with a low level clerk who can be let go. This person is obviously has no power versus the employer (supposing the employer operates within the legal boundaries set forth).

Another fine example is friendships. Have you ever seen a set of friends where one was always making the decision for the both of them? This is a situation where one person has the power based upon personality. He or she is simply stronger than the other person in this area. Therefore, the weaker one cedes power over on a regular basis.

Inequality is Natural

Nature adheres to one rule: survival of the fittest. Man is the one being that refuses to recognize this aspect of the universe. Instead, he lives in a dream like state trying to level things out. This is something that we do not see in the natural world. The truth is that things can be cruel at times. Bad things occur on a regular basis. Nature mandates that the strong adapt to survive while the weak perish.

Many creatures are born only to serve as dinner for something (one) else. Take any species and you will see how some of them are taken down by predators. The strongest/fastest survive while the others are eaten alive. Cruel as this sounds, it is the way nature operates. If you want to survive, become strong.

BDSM doesnt mess around with the theory of equality. The very foundation of this lifestyle is inequality. Two people enter into a relationship exchanging power immediately. One cedes it to the other while he or she accepts it. There is no pretense that both are on an equal footing. Domination and submission are terms we use. We understand that each person compliments the other but there is no mistaking the power structure. Dominant personalities are in control while the submissive ones are not. Therefore, the BDSM relationship is the most natural type of structure there is. We live according to the laws of nature.

Remember, inequality is everywhere. Those who are fighting for parity are engaging in a losing battle. There are never equals. One is always stronger than another. History shows us that some are oppressed. However, when those people had enough, they rise up and overthrow those in power. The weak suddenly are the strong. Inequality is still maintained just in a reverse order. BDSM is exactly the same. One is in power so long as he/she is not abusive and dangerous. If that person walks down this trek, the submissive often can take matters into his/her hands as a means of survival. Ultimately, abuser show their weakness through their inability to hold onto another. The situation reverses on them.

BDSM is natural and something that should be embraced as opposed to feared.

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Experimental Charlie on September 21, 2010 at 8:03 AM said...

I love your blog. You write so well -- not only in terms of prose, grammar and content but also in terms of clarity and consistency throughout this site. I have great respect for you since you live a life well examined, you show reverence to life and you respect women. What a balm to soul in the BDSM world where anything goes (or as it would seem to the novice).

I am in general agreement with this post. You present a strong case for natural selection (fittest survive which necessitates inequality). In terms of marriage though, in an idealized case, the unequal nature of the partnership is evened out in the exchange of areas which are strong/weak to the other. One partner may take precedence over the finances (e.g. investments) while the other holds sway in social arena (e.g. determining which relationship to curry favor and which are expendable). My point being that each partner is the "fittest" in different arenas. There could be a balance when dominance is switched among the two.

Thank you for educating me about the world of BDSM.

Dennis Najee on September 21, 2010 at 4:32 PM said...

You are very welcome. It is always nice to receive positive feedback from people reading my words.

And yes I can agree with the equality in different areas but I would like to note that I think it is not the norm. I find that most have a more dominant one. In my parents situation, as an example, my dad defers to my mom in most instances. She is independent and goes her own way whether he goes along or not. She has the power.

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