September 26, 2010

Embrace The Darkness

This post is going to deal with things in a symbolic sense. I use the term 'darkness' as a means to contrast the 'light' that traditional dogma teaches us. Those who follow the 'normal' path consider themselves enlightened and anyone who isnt of the same mindset is 'dark'. We all know how it feels to be outcast by society. They feel they are right and we are wrong. This is a mindset that stops many from proceeding.


Guilt is a weapon that many like to use to have people behave in manners that is acceptable to them. We see this both from individuals and from different entities. For example, when Joe Biden said that it is patriotic for people to pay taxes he was inferring that the opposite was also true. This was a method meant to instill guilt upon those who consider not paying. Religions throughout the world do the same thing. The entire notion of sin is meant to make people feel guilty about behaving in ways contrary to what dogma espouses.

Free thinkers are able to move beyond this mindset. Those who enter the BDSM way of life show the ability to think for themselves. The fact that this is not considered 'normal' illustrates one's ability to accept him or herself as 'abnormal'. Of course, our question to all who are normal is 'what is normal'?

To enjoy this lifestyle, I feel it is imperative to move past the guilt that society wants to bestow upon you. Living according one's individual edict is a fearful proposition. But, it is also the path to freedom. Doing what feels right to oneself is the very definition of what freedom means. Others can have their opinions, judgments, and guilt-ridden dogmas. We opt to structure our lives the way we see fit. Freeing ourselves from feeling guilty about what others think is a BDSM mindset.

Right and Wrong

Part of the dogma mindset is that others are determining what is right and wrong. People impose their definitions upon others and categorize them. What few realize is that right and wrong is a matter of perspective. There are many things that some people feel wrong while others feel it right. Premarital sex is a prime example. The Bible-thumpers will proclaim that this activity is wrong (and a sin) while other (like myself) know that sex is a natural part of adult life. The fact that they warp the mindset towards sex in an effort to indoctrinate people into their culture is their business. However, this does not make the act wrong. Their judgments have absolutely no meaning.

Slavery is wrong to many people. Ask the average person on the street if slavery is wrong and I am sure 98% of them will answer in the affirmative. To them, slavery is something that should be eradicated from the planet. I, however, do not believe this. Instead, I proclaim that the life of a slave is a wonderful path to follow if one is suited for it. Of course, the consensual criteria is a noted difference in my opinion. Yet, there are many who still will feel this is still wrong. Once again, people invoking their beliefs upon another.


I use the term 'darkness' to describe the holistic aspect of ourselves (and nature). Life is really a comprised the yin/yang outlook. There are always two sides to the coin and nature dictates there be opposites. Death is a part of every life. One cannot exist without the other. There are many aspects of the human experience that are considered 'dark'. To ignore them while seeking the 'light' is to indulge in fantasy. Reality is that nobody follows this path.

How much simpler the world would be if people were free to pursue those activities which they desired. Sadly, few contain the internal fortitude to live in this manner. However, many of us who are in this way of life do embrace the concepts which radiate within us. If one wants to live as a sub/slave, who is anyone else to proclaim that is 'wrong'? BDSM is about the freedom to pursue a path that the mainstream calls 'dark'. My answer is to embrace the darkness because that is where freedom resides.

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