September 22, 2010

Individual Path

This is a topic that is close to my heart. Personally, I detest all dogma regardless of what institution it is coming from because it negates individual thinking. Instead of emphasizing personal development and success, blind adherence is esteemed. People are taught to be loyal followers.

Non-Consensual Slavery

Dogma is the epitome of non-consensual slavery. Believers of a particular faith (could be religious or governmental) are taught from a young age what to believe. We have known for centuries the power to control if you take people when they are at an impressionable age and subject them to repetitive messages. Brainwashing is an art that mankind has perfected.

This idea conjures up images of governmental forces controlling the masses. While I agree there was a lot of that throughout history, we find the same practice used by religions throughout the world also. As I said, I could care less where the dogma comes from. The simple fact is that it enslaves people.

The mind is truly a terrible thing to waste. It is also the most powerful computer on the face of the planet. These saying show us how important it is for the powers that are to influence how people believe. This is where control comes in. If you can impress upon the masses the message that you desire, then you are the one with all the power. Individuality is the anti-thesis of this concept. When people think freely for themselves, they retain power themselves.

Controlling one's mind enslaves that person. All freedoms are removed because the person cannot think for him or herself. History is littered with people who defied logic to adhere to their beliefs. Look at the kamikaze fighters in WWII. These people were convinced it was noble to die for their country. We see this same behavior exhibited by the 'suicide bombers' of today. Instead of dying for a country, they are convinced death in the name of Allah is a good thing. To me, these acts defy common sense. But, in the mind of a slave, there is no sense.

Choosing For Ourselves

The path that we walk in the BDSM lifestyle is one of individuality. The reason why I mention this is because it is not something that is commonly promoted by society. It takes a special person to stand up to societal norms and question them. This is exactly what occurs when one enters this life. He or she looked at what the cultural touted as the path to happiness and questioned it. Of course, this often came only after experiencing a letdown because of the choice to follow that path.

In short, people who are into BDSM make the choice themselves. Since it is considered an 'alternative lifestyle', one needs to tread away from the mainstream to locate it. This is not something that is promoted in the schools, churches, or homes. Those places market the idea of a monogamous relationship within the bounds of marriage that will create lifelong happiness (since it is a lifelong commitment). It is an idea that we were exposed to at a young age and are expected to follow blindly into.

It is interesting to notice how a lifestyle that has slave as one of the paths is actually freer than the traditional. Again, free thinking is an enemy of civilization. Too many of these type of people leads to anarchy. Instead, the cultural norm is designed to maintain order. Fear is a weapon used upon the masses by those in power. Of course, little is mentioned of the fact that the ones who are instilling the fear are just as fearful. They are afraid of what can happen when people question what is being preached.

Utilizing the power of choice is the epitome of freedom. When we are allowed to make decisions for ourselves, then we are free. BDSM is a lifestyle choice which forces people to exercise this freedom. Individually, we choose a path that is not typically represented by the mainstream. Therefore, those who find this way of life had to go looking. And, as we know, it is not something that those around us will necessarily embrace. That is why it is best to make your choice in secret. Sharing with other opens up a can of worms none of us want to face. Being an individual never has been an easy path to follow. Be wise.

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