August 18, 2008

There Is Only Safe or Unsafe

Many feel they need to enter into the BDSM lifestyle in the "right" way. There is no right way or wrong way to approach this lifestyle if it is truly something that you want. Any who is genuine in his or her interest can pursue many different avenues. The lifestyle is simply that diverse.

Get it out of your mind that there is a 'wrong" way to go about things. More important than the question of right/wrong is the question is something safe or not. Safety is the main concern for those who are serious about this way of life. There are too many ways to harm another even without meaning to. Accidental injuries and even death, can result from a scene gone bad. It is important to be make safety the top thought in all that you do.

Physical safety is one aspect to look after. Another is the mental and psychological on an individual. Many do not have the stability to endue certain aspects of our lifestyle. For example, erotic humiliation is something which needs to be done with someone who has the esteem to handle it. People who suffer from low self worth can be harmed by this technique. We need to stress that safety is the main priority.



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