August 19, 2008

Educate Yourself

I mentioned a number of times all the different facets to the BDSM world that exist. Often, new people ask me, how do I get started? My belief is there is no substitution for education. The Internet, for all it's shortcomings, does offer the opportunity to learn a great deal about what this way of life is all about. It is helpful to have some idea what you are getting yourself into.

Like any other area, the BDSM world has it's own terminology. It is beneficial to find out what is meant by scene, dom, sub, watersports, and TPE. Learning the terms will also provide areas for you to further research. Determining what interests you is a crucial part of the learning experience. This will lay to foundation for establishing/realizing where your limits are.

I try to make this site informative with posts that will help steer people in the right direction. Be sure to read a variety of different viewpoints. One drawback to the Internet is that it allows anyone to provide their point of view. Sadly, this opens the door for a great deal of misinformation. Going to a variety of different resources will enable you to see the true information from the propaganda.

There is no reason to enter into this lifestyle blond. Do you research ahead of time to save yourself some pain and misery down the road. Safety is the number 1 priority and there is no better way to protect yourself then being armed with the proper knowledge. Dedicate the time to learning about this.



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