August 8, 2008

Non Acceptance

When many enter into this lifestyle, there is something they encounter which many have never experienced before; non-acceptance. Society has a way of alienating those who make choices that are different from the norm. It views anything/anyone who is different as bad. A prime example of this is the gay population. Many heterosexuals have cast an angry shadow over this group of people. They use their religious beliefs or bigotry as a means of justify hated and intolerance.

Many exhibit the same mentality towards those in this lifestyle. They feel that people who choose to be owned, poly, beaten, or used should be cast out in front of others. There is a moral superiority that is suddenly flexed. These same people will call our materials or ideas “garbage”. The intelligence of the arguments set forth is astounding. Of course, the people who issue these assertions do not appear to be mental giants to begin with.

I was reading some of the comments by these same type people lately. This post is the result of seeing the intelligent thought shown. It disheartens me to report that we now realize that these are not Harvard graduates. The Internet provides them a forum for them to flex their muscles. Of course, it is only “cyber” courage. In real life, they cower to the fear and ignorance that guide their lives.

Anyone who knows Me realizes how I am built. They also know the background that I come from which would lead Me to knock the snot out of most of the people. Yet we do not do that in a civilized society. We are expected to wage the battle with thoughts and ideas. So I will let the actions of the ignorant stand on their own.

Non-Acceptance is an easy path for many to take. It relieves them of the burden of having to open their minds up to something new. We can take the lessons learned from the black generation who lived through civil rights era, the gay community, or any other sector of society who was put down for the way they chose to live their lives. In the end, the strong are those who make the choices in their lives regardless of what others think.



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