August 30, 2008

A sub or a slave

There often is a great debate as to what is the difference between a slave and a sub. Many will aruge that they are both the same with no difference between the two. I surmise this is the minority viewpoint. However, it is one that is strongly held by those who have it. In my opinion, the two vary significantly.

A slave is one who engages in total powere exchange in all areas of his or her life. Through this exchange, the person is property of Master. No aspect of his/her life is off limits. This is known as being 24/7 within the lifestyle. A slave is owned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Things such as holiday or vacation are non-existent. This particular method of the lifestyle is complete.

The other side of the equation is a sub. A slave is a sub while a sub is not necessarily a slave. Basically, a sub is one who is desires giving control over to another. He or she is a submissive person in a particular area. The most common area to see this play out is sexually. A sub is not necessarily submissive in all aspects of life. We often see men and women who are powerful in business become submissive sexually. It is how that person chooses to release.

A sub will often limit his or her submission. While engaging in a total power exchange in that areas, the power is limited only to that aspect. Also, the exchange can be temporary in nature. For example, a sub might be submissive to a Dom/Domme during a scene, it ends when that scene is over. A Dom/Domme could engage some erotic humiliation by calling the sub names during the play time. However, after they are done, they go back to an equal basis. It could be inappropriate for One to call a sub a slut or whore outside the bounds of the scene. This shows how there can be a limit to all that can occur within the realm of a sub.

It is best to think of a sub as one who maintains a degree of control over life. This is not true for a slave. He or she has nothing to say once the submission occurs. The main difference is the power exchanged.

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