February 28, 2009

The Joy Of A New Life

It is always a pleasure to see new people adopt this lifestyle. Whether it is a married couple who decides to add some BDSM into their activities or witnessing one go into a 24/7 relationship, I am always struck by how people take to it.

My impression is that people who are in this lifestyle spend a great deal of time searching before finding it. Obviously, society does not promote our way of life as normal. In fact, it does all it can to dispel it by calling us names. Anyone who risks stepping outside the "norm" is an oddball.

I have seen so many who are involved in vanilla (traditional) relationships who have no business being in them. It is sad to see the lack of passion for life in those instances. These people followed the course which society claims would lead to happiness. Sadly, for them, it fails to lead to that end. Too many are miserable by being "normal".

Does that mean everyone belongs in a BDSM relationship. No. I have seen many who attempt to live this way of life who really were designed for the traditional mode. Simply, they were searching for something that BDSM was not going to give them. M/s as an example, takes a certain personal makeup to succeed. It is something that comes from within. Too many people try to adapt to this way of life. My experience is that it doesnt work that way.

That being said, when one who is designed for this way of life does find it, watch out. It is one of the most heartwarming things to witness. People are like kids at Christmas. Their eyes are opened to the wonder and awe which this lifestyle can offer. Many get the sense of finally "coming home". The freedom experienced is indescribable. It is something that I love to witness.

It takes a great deal of courage to throw off the shackles and try this way of life. Those who break free from their old life to enter this are commended for their decision. And, it is a joy to watch.

here for your version of An Owned Life.



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