February 26, 2009

Erotic Humiliation

Erotic humiliation is something that is tough to describe. Some believe it is a form of abuse. Others feel it is an erotic technique which adds another level to their interaction. My belief is that it can fall into both categories depending upon the individuals involved.

The technique of erotic humiliation is the act of degrading a sub/slave either physically or verbally (or both). Many find this adds to the "separation" of power in the BDSM relationship. The more one is put down, the higher the Other is elevated. It is a method which many subs derive added pleasure and excitement.

However, there is a downside to all this. If this is done with someone who is not able to handle it, the results can be devastating. Many suffer psychological effects from abuse. Those who do not deal with this situation can find erotic humiliation to be detrimental. Instead of adding to a scene the outcome is more abuse.

Like anything else, communication is key. It is imperative that two people sit down and discuss the effects of what is going to occur. Is there something that one has a hangup about? Are there things in his/her past which could cause someone to "lose" it during the scene? These are issues which should be discussed.

Dominating is as much about psychological control as physical. Anyone can physically dominate another as long as there is a size/strength difference. Yet, controlling psychologically is another matter altogether. It takes skill, awareness, and understanding. In addition, it requires one to spend the necessary time learning about the sub so as to successfully navigate the scene. Erotic humiliation is one technique that requires additional knowledge.

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