February 24, 2015

"I Won't Do Anything Illegal"

This is a phrase that I see written all the time by subs/slaves.  Many seem to feel they are not to break the law and that it is alright for them to say no to anything that is not tolerated by the law.  Oh really.

Today I will establish how asinine this outlook is.  I will also show how all these law abiding subs/slaves are not what they envision but people who operate on the wrong side of the law.  Welcome to reality!

Yesterday, I wrote a post about us being wolves as opposed to sheep and marching to the beat of our own drummer.  In this article I made the point that we determine what we engage in despite the law.  Our way of life is consensual and as long as that exists i.e. nobody else is harmed, have fun.  Obviously, society does not see it that way but that is an entity that is founded upon control and inhibiting behavior.  People freely exercising their will is what BDSM is all about.  Naturally, the powers that are cannot tolerate that.  Anarchists are their enemy (true one not the nut jobs who are really communists/socialists dressed up).  These are people who understand true anarchy is freedom especially of the mind.  Society prefers group think since it is easier to control the message.  When people exercise their own mental abilities to determine what is best for them, society loses its influence.  This is a situation which cannot be tolerated.

Getting back to the legality of things, I am certain that most people are unaware that BDSM is illegal in many areas.  In the UK, just having BDSM pornography is a crime.  Across the pond, there are a number of states which banned BDSM activities.  Do you live in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah or Virginia?  If you do, getting together with your play partner is a crime i.e. illegal.  What was it that you were saying about not doing anything illegal?  I guess our subs/slaves will only engage in BDSM activities in states where it is approved.

Another interesting fact that few consider is that many of these states will slam you in other ways.  Anyone who lives in the states of Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Utah has the legal system in the bedroom again.  These states still have anti-sodomy laws on the books even though the Supreme Court outlawed it over a decade ago.  That means no anal play for you (I guess the gay guys are really screwed...or is it not screwed).  So for our law abiding subs/slaves who like it up the rear, sorry, not until we vacation somewhere that it is legal.  Of course, if you are one who engaged in this behavior in one of these states, you ran afoul of the law.

But wait, there is more.  Raise your hand if you are in the states of Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia and Washington D.C.  Guess what it is illegal to do in these states?  Anyone have a guess?  For those who said it is illegal to give or receive oral sex, give yourselves a hand(job).  These states have laws making it illegal to go down on your partner.  Therefore, for all those subs/slaves who love giving oral sex, again you have to wait to go on that vacation because in these states it is a no-no.

As a side note, North Carolina banned both oral and anal sex.  In spite of this, do you know what is legal in this state?  Beastiality.  Therefore, it is illegal for a woman to take her husband anally yet she can take the family dog however she wants.  How is that for logic?  Are you starting to see how the law can be a bit bi-polar?

Of course, no conversation about doing things illegal would be complete without discussing the fact that subs/slaves will not do anyone who is underage.  A fine outlook in my opinion if one could explain what underage is.  How old does someone have to be to be considered "of age" sexually?  Again, it depends on where you are located.  Most believe it is 18 but they are incorrect.  In the United States, the range is between 16 and 18 depending upon what state.  Thus, it is illegal to have sex with anyone in Florida under the age of 18 but if you go to the neighboring state, Georgia, all is well as long as she is 16. (Remember a couple decades back when Rob Lowe was caught on film with two "underage" girls?  He was never prosecuted because they were both 16 and the incident took place in Georgia).  

This subject gets even weirder when you start to look at the ages around the world.  Let us look at some of our friends over in Europe.  Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Austria are all 14.  Spain is 13.  UK and Ireland 16.  And good ole Turkey is 18.  So please tell me what underage is again.  It is also interesting to note that one can have sex with a 16 year old in the UK but it is illegal for a 40 year old to have some kink.com videos on his/her laptop.

Another aside, all these ages refer to heterosexual sex.  As we mentioned with the anti-sodomy law, there are a host of ways countries make homosexual sex illegal.

Finally, there is the age old BDSM idea of whipping and beating a sub/slave.   This is something that many of us enjoy since this way of life has many sadists and masochists in it.  However, at least in the states, we need to cross this item off the list.  The reason being is beating another person is called assault by the law.  This holds true even if it is consensual.  Many believe that an activity between consenting adults makes it legal in the eyes of the law.  It does not.  Remember the laws against anal sex; it is still illegal even when consented to.  There was a case in Colorado a number of years back where someone was prosecuted under the law for engaging in consensual impact play.  Again, do not make the mistake of believing that something becomes legal simply because there is consent.

Therefore, I ask, who is willing to alter their behavior to be in accordance with the law?  Are you going to give up oral and anal sex if you are in particular states?  If you said that you will not do anything illegal, then this is the only path.  These activities are illegal in many areas.

The point I am making is the law is often absurd.  Even when trying to operate from a moral basis, like protecting children, try and figure out what is correct.  Why is the age of consent in one area 13 and 18 in another.  What is the difference between Georgia and Florida other than an imaginary line.  Do an act on one side of the line and you are in compliance yet move a few miles down the road and, suddenly, you are a criminal.  Of course, it is asinine to even talk about the word consent since the idea of consent in many activities is not even considered by the law.  Oral, anal, and BDSM activities are illegal...period.  Consent does not alter this outcome.  In my opinion, this is a total farce.

Part of being involved in BDSM is the knowledge that much of what we do is not accepted by society.  At the same time, there are many activities which are outright banned by it.  Accepting this is part of the process of fully immersing oneself into the BDSM way of life.  We are not hardened criminals yet can be seen as such in the eyes of the law.  Therefore, it is up to us to determine which behavior we will and will not engage in.  This decision cannot be based upon the legality of things since, as we see, much of what we do is considered illegal.  Ultimately, we get the mindset of non-conformity.  Society has its values and we operate from a different set.  We are in a life that allows for indulgence as opposed to abstaining.  BDSM is about freedom (and the responsibility that comes along with that) instead of being sheep and blindly obeying.  We are not total anarchists but do have the mindset that this is our life to do as we see fit.  Also, we understand that, as long as nobody else is harmed, we are free to engage in whatever behavior we like.  In many ways, we subscribe to the laws of nature as opposed to man's law.  This is what being a wolf is all about.


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Michael Delaney on February 24, 2015 at 3:25 PM said...

We sometimes forget with these antiquated sex laws on the books that Lawrence v Texas nullified and made unenforceable a great deal of them. So they may still be illegal on the books, but they cannot prosecute successfully.

Anonymous said...

I can attest to the fact that in Florida bdsm can be prosecuted as a crime against the state due to the way domestic battery laws were written, while it had a good intent (keeping victims safe even if they were to decide they did not want to press charges) it still negatively effects persons who give their risk aware consent. So me spanking my wife is illegal no matter how much she enjoys it :(

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