May 18, 2014

Slaves Versus Sluts

 I am starting something a little different here today.  Each week, I will continue my regular posts which appear in depth.  However, I am now going to add thoughts throughout the week as they strike me about matters pertaining to the world of BDSM.  These will be shorter in nature and I hope you find them helpfully.


As I travel the different profiles online, I regularly come across those who claim to be sex slaves.  Now my regular readers know how much I value slaves and do not take the term lightly.  It is one worthy of respect and honor since it is not an easy place to get to.  Slavery goes against everything taught to us by society.  It is the one thing you can say is 100% in direct opposition to cultural norms and it seems almost across the board.  Yet here we are in a lifestyle that not only embraces but esteems it also.

My point is that those who claim to be "sex slaves" are really degrading those who are true slaves.  To start, a sex slave is one who is sold into slavery and performed sexual activities for money for the benefit of her captors.  Societies fight against this worldwide ring is well documented.  Therefore, when one says she is a "sex slave" she really is not.  What is she then?

Our society looks down with its Puritan eyes.  Sex is still a taboo subject throughout most of the world.  Few places embrace sex openly.  Instead, it is something that is still a backroom activity done under certain conditions.  This viewpoint gets more extreme when it comes to women.  The "men are studs, women are sluts" mantra is alive and well.  Women who sleep around are looked down upon, it is that simple.

Now, getting back to our "sex slaves", they were raised in this environment.  Hence, they are not seeking to be ostracized.  So, what is done?  Our horny vixens find a lifestyle were open sex with different partners in every configuration is accepted.  BDSM offers the opportunity for one to find whatever he or she is seeking.  It is the perfect umbrella for someone who wants to be a total slut without having to be disgraced for it.  And that is what these individuals do.  They term themselves "sex slaves" meaning they will screw whomever they are told to but do not even think about asking them for domestic service.

The bottom line is that people of this sort are into themselves.  Their actions are done for themselves only.  They are looking at for #1.  Let us contrast this with a slave who has the motivation to serve in whatever capacity she is asked to.  Her life is not her own.  In the sexual arena, since that is what we are referring to, she might well do the same exact things as our "sex slaves".  The difference is the slave does it because she is told and it provides pleasure, satisfaction, or fulfillment to her Master.  The actions taken are not about her.  She might or might not enjoy it.  Either way, that is not the primary focus.  Another difference is the true slave would not engage in this behavior unless told to by her owner.  The "sex slave", well she is doing it because she wants to.

Therefore, the only conclusion I can draw is that a "sex slave" is really nothing more than a slut.  Since service is not part of her make, she is just using BDSM to cover up the fact she wants to screw around.


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