May 13, 2014

Getting To Your Core

Over the last few weeks, I wrote a great deal about seeking to go deeper within ourselves in an effort to advance through BDSM.  Many people are confused about how this is achieved so I will try to explain in further detail what I mean.


I often mention that part of the process we all go through is to find exactly what is in our "core".  Some have written asking me to clarify what I mean by this.  Our "core" is located in the body right around our pubic line.  It is the area that is just below the navel and contains the most powerful energy within the body.  This is where we find out the truth about ourselves.  It is also the area where all our BDSM answers reside.  Sadly, this is a place few ever delve into.

Before going any further, I will mention that this is not a new concept nor something I made up.  For those who studied some of the Eastern philosophies you will understand exactly what I am talking about.  The "core" is the location of one of the chakras in the body.  Many believe there are 7 chakras or power centers running from the top of our head to the bottom of our main body.  The areas are believed to be power centers within the body.

The "core" is what is known as the sexual chakra.  It is full of sexual energy.  As I stated, this is believed to be the most powerful energy in the body.  Those who are enlightened or advanced in their practices are able to "raise" up this energy to enhance their lives.  Now, please note that I am not advocating that you become a Far Eastern guru.  I mention this simply to make you aware of the fact of the age old belief system that is in operation.

Another thing that I will mention is that simply because it is termed "sexual" energy, we are not talking about sex specifically.  While sex is a part of the picture, it is not the entire picture.  Those who often follow this core energy for solely sexual purposes find themselves in hot water.  This is how a President could end up impeached over an intern and a cigar.  However, when put towards constructive purposes, this is the same energy that enables artists to create wonderful masterpieces.  It is also where one finds what is often termed "passion".  As Napolean Hill mentioned in his book "Think and Grow Rich", this energy needs to be transmuted for higher purposes.

What is interesting is the fact that many people are aware of this energy and their "core" upon entering the BDSM world without knowing what it means.  Many individuals find themselves sexually aroused when they start interacting with another or researching BDSM.  If you notice physically the part of the body we are referring, you will see that it is located close to the genitalia.  When one taps into his or her "core", the energy often manifests itself through the sexual organs.  It is also why so many find domination/submission so erotic.  When this resides deep within a person and is allowed to be accessed, then it is only natural for that power to emerge in this manner.  Of course, because of the limited mindset of many especially online, I will again state this is not just about sex.  It is about watching for the signals which tells us what is present in our "core".

Lower Knowledge

Like the term "core", there are many different words used to convey the next idea I am about to express.  I use the term "lower knowledge" simply because we are referring to the lower parts of the body or chakras.  Obviously, the higher one are located from the heart and above.  This is where we see "intelligence" comes from.  The problem with this area of the body is it is rather weak.

To fully understand this idea, imagine a line running from the top of the end to the body of the main body.  Along this line are energy centers which provide us with answers.  The deeper one is on the body, when it emerges, the more power the force it wields.  So, if we start at the top, we basically have the mind, then the heart, then the gut, then the "core".  Using our example, what do you think is the weakest energy?  Obviously the mind.  Does this surprise you?  It should not.  Let us look at the next one, the heart.  Wouldn't you agree this is much stronger than the mind?  How many people do you know married a person because he or she "loved" him/her in spite of overwhelming evidence that the person was bad news.  Any rational person would have run.  Yet this individual, because of love, proceeded forward.  The heart won out over the mind.

If we proceed further, for those who are adept at listening to their intuition, this is located at the gut level.  Again, we know of instances where people did things counter to what their minds were telling them simple because "something inside of them told them" told them to do so.  The gut reaction was much more powerful than the mind in that instance.

Finally, as you can guess, the next step down is the sexual energy located at your core.  Now you understand why I mention that it is the most powerful energy in the body.  It overwhelms the mind, the heart, and even the intuition.  This is where people who love their spouse and risk  losing everything will still cheat (remember that President).  Logically, it makes no sense for this person to do this.  He or she does actually love the spouse.  It is simply the non-targeted sexual energy that gets the best of them.

Therefore, to experience the most power within ourselves, we need to access the lower knowledge that is within us.  Many of the sophisticated folks out there believe this is too primal and of no use.  I hope I showed you the futility of trying to rationalize (of the mind) everything.  I see many in the BDSM who know a lot through reading and research but really know little since it is all "book" knowledge.  There is no personal knowledge of oneself which accesses any power.  It is only through learning about our "primal" selves that we can advance.

Society Versus Nature

There is a line I read some time ago which I find very practical.  It basically says that nature's values are of the body while society's (human) values are of the mind.  This is an important concept to comprehend.  Simply put, this entire post is about what is natural for you.

Our "core" is not something we develop or create.  It is there naturally.  One does not learn to become submissive as an example.  It is always within that person.  Hence the characteristic is not created but uncovered.  We unmask what is in our "core" by getting past all the confusion that society places in the way.  All the conditioning we endure serves only to hide what is within us.  For example, we are reared in a world where equality tends to be the mantra.  We need to "level the playing field".  This is a prime example of a societal creation that opposes nature.  Of course, all of us can intellectualize equality and even agree it makes sense.  The problem is nowhere in nature does that exist.  Nature operates on the law of "survival of the fittest".  Therefore, when we access our "core" we do not find equality but, rather, inequality.  And here is where your domination or submission resides.

BDSM is natural because it allows us to openly embrace the inequality that resides.  We structure our relationships around this exact premise.  Those who are naturally submissive are drawn to those dominant and vice versa.  Many experience an ease upon entering the lifestyle that they never had before.  Relationships can develop naturally and quickly without force.  The hindrances that people encounter in the vanilla world often are not present in BDSM.  When one knows what is natural for oneself, it is easy to see when one meets someone of the ilk that fills what is missing.  The difficulty arises when we allow the teachings and conditioning of society to hinder what is emerging.  Too often, one gets scared when he or she goes deep.  It is often startling to uncover what always was there.   At times, it is far easier to run back to the world of "upper knowledge" and nestle back into society's blanket.  Sadly, since this is in opposition to one's core, it leaves on rather unfulfilled.  This is why many cannot return to a vanilla relationship after finding BDSM; it simply does not fill the need that is deep within.

I will cover more on this subject in the next post since it is a rather lengthy idea.  For now, start the process of sitting quietly and listening to what is in your core.  Ask yourself some questions about your life and see what sensations arise in the area described.  Notice if an idea or concept (not a person) sexually turns you on.  If it does, pay attention to that, your "core" is speaking to you.  Having this knowledge will allow you to make better decisions in the future.

"To thy own self be true".


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