November 25, 2008 site to check out

This is a site that holds great interest for me. I came across it a couple of weeks back when a friend referred me to it. It takes the concept that Digg used for terrific success and applied it to sex/porn. Recently, they surpassed over 2,000 submission in only 3 weeks. I can see why they are the fastest growing site in this field.

On it, you can submit your own links to whatever sex or porn sites you like. Also, the voting system (called kinks) allows the members to rate other people’s submissions. Finally, you can comment on anything that holds interest to you. It truly is an interactive social site.

I would suggest this to any blogger of adult material. Post your stuff here to increase your traffic and gain more exposure. And, anyone who likes kink, this seems to be the place to find it.

Go to to enjoy this site.



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