November 13, 2008

Punishing of the Feet

The beating of the feet can be fun and exciting for many. This is especially true for those who have a foot fetish. The idea of having a bit of soreness the next day reminds the sub/slave of the wonderful time experienced with the Dom/Master.

To start, safety is really important in this technique. A foot has many small bones that can easily be broken. We want to avoid this at all costs. Always hit on the bottoms while avoiding the tops altogether. Aim you blows to the balls of the feet or the external sole. The heel is also acceptable if that person has never had any heel trouble.

For maximum pleasure, it is best to tie the sub/slave up. Have the sub lay on his or her back while putting the feet in the air. I find that using a spreader bar or cuffs attached to an overhead hook works the best. This will give open access to the soles of the feet (the ass is exposed also providing a bonus benefit).

Naturally the idea is to cause a sting as opposed to providing pain. As mentioned, safety is critical in this technique. What you use to strike the sub/slave can vary. Floggers, rulers, and boards all seem to be effective. Find something that provides the sting which you also can control. I found that industrial size paint stirrers work very well. Experiment with different devices to see what you like the best.

Try this technique the next time you want to have some BDSM fun. It is unique and provides the sub/slave with a sensation not otherwise experienced.


kittenone on November 13, 2008 at 4:27 PM said...

kitten has always hated anyone touching her feet but after reading this she is not so sure, it sounds so good and not what she was imagining. kitten loves the idea of her feet being another place to enjoy the paddle



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