November 15, 2008

Equal Treatment

*This post aims more at the M/s relationship than it does at the D/s. Also, it refers to those who are in poly situations as opposed to those who are in single slave ones.

"That is so unfair". This is a saying we hear from children all the time. One will find it not fair that an older sibling is allowed to stay out later. Children expect equal treatment from parents. However, anyone with multiple children knows that you do not treat your children equally. There are differences based upon age, maturity level, and acceptance of responsibility. Experience shows us that some are better able to handle things while others need to wait a while.

The poly M/s relationship is similar. Many slaves feel that a Master should treat her the same as the others. This is a way to set oneself up for disappointment. Not all slaves are on equal footing. Depending on her talents, she might be utilized for different purposes than another. This is up to the Master.

A classic example is the difference between a house slave and a pleasure slave. Both are slaves owned by a Master. However, they live entirely different existences. The house slave is responsible for and judged based upon her taking care of the domestic activities. At the same time, the pleasure slave is there for the Master's fun and enjoyment. While they both might be expected to perform in the other area, it is common that they are relegated to that specific role.

Does a Master have to be fair? No. Does one have to drive two cars equally when owning more than one? It is unfair to drive one car more than the other. Well, that is the choice of the owner. The same holds true in the M/s world. A Master is free to elect how He spends His time. Also, the manner in how one pleases Him is also His choice.

The BDSM world, and M/s in particular, is far different than the traditional model. It is not for everyone. Many have a difficult time adjusting. Some learn more about themselves and can accept this aspect of the lifestyle. Others find they need to move into something a bit more with what society teaches. That is a reality of this way of life.

If you are in a poly M/s relationship, do not expect to be treated on par with your sisters. There will be times when a Master favors one over another. Do not expect to have the situation explained to you since He does not answer to you. He is the one who makes the decisions while you are the one who follows His directives. Submission is a complete process. When living the life of total power exchange (tpe) it is crucial to remember one's place.



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