August 13, 2014

Robin Williams' Death: An Eye Opener

The past few days witnessed an outpouring of the recently departed Robin Williams.  Sadly, it took his passing to bring some of the issues that exist within society to light.  As most of you are aware, Williams suffered both from substance abuse and depression (i.e. mental illness).  Unfortunately, most of our culture is unaware of how tragic these things can be.  Hopefully, Williams' passing will open up some eyes.

The Outside Might Not Reflect The Inside

There are a couple lessons from Robin Williams' tragic death that we can take with us.  To start, it is crucial to realize that we never know what someone is suffering from.  Unless someone comes out and tells us that he or she suffers from depression, as an example, there really is no way of telling from the outside.  Therefore, always remember that you do not know what is going through the head of the one you are with no matter how much you believe that you do.

From the outside, Williams had it all.  His ability translated into making millions of people laugh over the course of decades.  He was one of Hollywood's top comedic actors raking in a fortune for his work.  Fame, fortune, and a loving wife were all his.  Yet, none of this translated within him.  Instead, he resided in what was a very dark place based upon the route he took.  In short, ending his life seemed, to him, as the only means of dealing with what was taking place within him.  The pain of death was surpassed by the pain of living. 

Keep this in mind when you are dealing with someone who is close to you.  I have not read the percentages of the number of people who suffer from a mental illness but I can assure you it is more than we conclude.  Therefore, it is highly likely that someone you are involved with or potentially could be involved with suffers from this problem.  Because of the stigma associated with this, few are willing to talk about it even with their closest partner.  Society views afflictions of this nature as moral/strength issues as opposed to something as real as a broken leg.  This translates into individuals hiding what is going on with them usually to the point where it is too late.

Keep Things In Perspective

It is easy to get caught up in all that is going on with our lives.  People, by their nature, tend to want to project negatively while focusing upon all that is wrong with their lives.  It is amazing how someone can have 100 things going absolutely ideal and concentrate all the attention on the one unresolved issue.  This puts them in a place of misery and anguish while not being able to enjoy things.

In the BDSM world, we talk about all the fakes, liars, scammers, and how hard it is to find someone real.  At the same time, for those in relationships, there are also a host of issues to deal with.  Contrary to what many new people seem to believe, being involved in BDSM does NOT except you from life.  All the stuff vanilla people deal with is present in our lives.  Finances, career, family, and illness are all part of the deal.  None of us get to run from this.

Robin Williams takes his own life should help each of us keep things in perspective.  Now, do not misunderstand me; I am not downplaying the situations in your life.  Things occur for each of us which can be pretty tragic.  However, try to imagine what was going on between Williams' ears when he made that fateful decision earlier this week.  When you consider this, it makes dealing with another pretender seem mundane and not really worthy of mentioning.

The bottom line is that our fulfillment and happiness are vitally important.  So many believe that a BDSM relationship is one-sided with a sub/slave giving all and the dom/master garnering all the pleasure.  If this is your belief, I suggest you change it.  People, even the lowliest of slaves, are entitled to be happy and fulfilled.  And, as I stated on here many times, sucking your cock and taking off your boots is a rather non-fulfilling existence.  If you find yourself in a situation such as this, I will tell you that perhaps you ought to look for something different.  Talk to your partner and if you cannot get through to him or her, then look for another.  It really is that simple.  Robin Williams showed us how precious and temporal life can be.  At any moment, we can reach the end.  Make the most out of each interaction while you have the chance. 


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