June 11, 2014

The "Under Consideration" Game

We see many things which once had meaning now used for the online antics of the pretenders and wannabes.  The BDSM world changed dramatically with the advent of the Internet.  As most of you know, I believe this was a "double-edged" sword.   While it did allow more people access to information about the lifestyle i.e. moving it from underground to more of a mainstream idea, it also gave any fool with a keyboard and a username the ability to do serious harm.  Hence, we are left with a situation that looks like the wild west.

Under Consideration

In the past, slaves feel into one of three categories.  Either she was owned, unowned, or under consideration.  The first two are fairly obvious but the third tends to create some confusion.  Thus, I will do my best to explain it while contrasting this concept with what is occurring online now.

We must start with understanding what the BDSM world was like before the world wide web.  Year ago, when BDSM was underground, the only way to gain entry was to be "sponsored" in.  What this meant is someone had to validate you and basically state that he/she would be responsible for you.  Remember, BDSM was an extremely closed world.  There were no pretenders to deal with since everyone was real.  Gatherings contained only people who were true to the lifestyle.  Advertising of these events was not done with much fanfare other than the placing of a one line ad in a local rag publication.  Hence we had a situation where everyone who was participating was either a slave or master.

I also uncovered over the years the concept that a slave is never truly unowned.  What I mean by this is that she, when not directly owned by someone, was "owned" by the lifestyle.  She served in whatever manner she could, wherever she could.  There was no option of leaving the lifestyle to go vanilla.  Instead, she simply spent time in this state of service until a master took an interest in her.

As you can tell, service is a big part of her makeup.  At these gatherings, the slaves served the masters.  The protocol was very simple and clear cut.  Those who were owned obviously only served their owners but the unowned crowd was responsible to all the masters.  Again, the lifestyle owned them.  There service was expected to any master in whatever capacity was required.  Now remember, everyone involved was real so her "submission" in the service sense was to someone genuine, not a pretender.

Which brings us to the "under consideration" banner.  Where did this fit in?  When one caught the attention of a particular master, she was placed under consideration.  This meant that she was removed from the service of all masters for the duration that she was assigned this status.  During this time period, the master determined if she was going to fit in his house.  If it was a multi-slave household, he might need to consider logistics and personalities.  On the other hand, if no existing slaves, he would ponder how she fit into his life and issues of compatibility.  In other words, it was a form of a courting process.

Once the master made his decision, either she became owned or was placed back into the unowned category and went back to the service of all.  The point is that the reason for this designation was to uncover information about how well she would fit into what he was seeking.  It was a time period meant to reveal what was unknown to him so that he could make an informed decision.  There was no question that he was a master and worthy of her service.  At the same time, her being a slave is never questioned.

Online Games

Which brings us to BDSM in the online world.  As I travel around, I see a number of profiles stating "under consideration" or "under consideration of ___________".  So what is the process that we commonly see within this realm?  Please note it was mentioned above that the under consideration designation was given while one determined if/where a slave fit into his plans.  There was a specific purpose for this move.

As you can guess, the online world engages in a behavior much different.  My research reveals that this is a tactic used by the pretenders as opposed to those who are seeking something real.  Often, the "dominant" starts the process very early on without establishing an acceptable level of trust.  Also, this individual has no clear plan or outline of what he is looking for.  Why is the process taking place?  What does he hope to accomplish?  Does he have an end goal in mind?  What are the criteria he is using to make the decision?  Is it known what will result in being owned versus remaining unowned?

I found out that most have no clue to the answers of any of those questions.  Instead, the dingbats online put the subs/slaves through stupid tricks like a dog.  Based upon the things that submissives were made to do, I can reasonably conclude the dominants are not seeking to learn anything.  The under consideration period is not utilized to learn about the other person and where she will fit in.  Rather, she is assigned tasks like take a picture of yourself masturbating or pull your skirt up at work and show your panties to a co-worker.  While none of these fruitloops never think of the potential ramifications of their actions, what is sad is they are putting one in jeopardy without even owning her.  Of course, it is even sadder that the submissives even listen to this nonsense but they know no other way.

Again, the under consideration period is meant to uncover information about the other person.  To do this, one needs to know what he is seeking.  To determine where a submissive fits requires some attention which is not done by the group that likes to cut/paste messages to hundreds of subs/slaves on a website.

Therefore, if you find that you are dealing with someone who says he is going to put you "under consideration", I would ask a couple questions.

1. What is the time frame that he expects you to remain under this designation?
2. What criteria is he using to base his decision?
3. What is he seeking to learn from you?
4. What is the purpose of each action he is requiring and how does it fit into his overall decision?
5. How does he feel about the area you designate off limits during the consideration period (yes you have the right to designate things off limits such as work..you are not owned at this point)?

BDSM and the interaction, contrary to the idiots' view, is a two way street.  During the under consideration period, it is perfectly acceptable to tell the so-called dominant to go fly a kite.  You are under no obligation to obey all that he says...he is NOT your master as of now.  He needs to impress you as much as you need to impress him.  If he is into nothing more than stupid dog tricks (roll over and show me your panties crap), then ask him flat out what he hopes to learn by you doing that.  If he replies that he is testing your obedience, then ask him when you get to test him on his ability to protect you.  Remember, if he is not willing to honor some of your off limit areas, then how much is he willing to protect you from danger?  Do you really think a dominant who makes you do something at work which could jeopardize your career is really into protecting you?

In closing, the under consideration technique is a wonderful way to learn about another person while removing her from the "marketplace".  In the old days it took her "off the floor".  Now it basically removes a profile from being attacked by most of the sensible doms out there.  However, if you do find the one you are under consideration to is starting with the stupid crap, ask him a few questions and then tell him to get lost.  There is no reason for you to engage in these activities.  The under consideration process should contain legitimate questions which pertain to your potential service to him.  Having a co-worker take a picture of your panties to prove your obedience accomplishes nothing while only putting yourself at risk.  Do not engage in this practice.  Anyone who is real will understand your reasoning. 


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Serin kNight on June 11, 2014 at 7:58 PM said...

The amount of people out there these days looking to screw someone over for their enjoyment horrifies me. I shouldn't be so naive but give how writing has sensationalized everything trolls we invade for their sick twisted jollies.

Anyone being given a task that put them in danger in any form for any part of their life should always question the order given.

Unknown on November 20, 2015 at 1:20 PM said...

what happens when you ask for how long are your goals for keeping me under considerationand he says for as long as it takes?

Unknown on November 20, 2015 at 1:20 PM said...

what happens when you ask for how long are your goals for keeping me under considerationand he says for as long as it takes?

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