April 29, 2011

Domination: What the hell are you waiting for?

I often write that before one can be a Master to someone else, he must first have mastery over himself. This is a logical point yet one that most seem to miss. It is evident when you look at the individuals running around proclaiming to be 'Masters'.


What does it mean to master something? In short, the idea that comes to mind for me is excellence. One who is a master has the ability to excel at that particular craft. We often see this word applied to a skilled position such as carpentry. When one reaches a particular level in that field, he or she is known as a 'Master Carpenter'. This is a title worthy of respect because it is based upon excellence.

Of course, and this is where we see the difference in the BDSM world, it takes a lot of time to become a Master in a field such as this. One does not pick up a hammer and state 'I am a Master Carpenter'. One would be laughed out of the industry if he did. The truth is it takes hard work, persistent dedication, and a great deal of learning to accomplish this. Master is equated with excellence.


Now we look at the BDSM world. How does this differ from the craft positions I just mentioned? The answer is simply summed up in two words: self proclamation. Most believe that they are Master if they just announce themselves so. No learning or experience is required. Instead, since they believe they have an inborn dominant streak, they feel worthy of this title. And, as we see on different websites populated with these lost beings, they demand respect from anyone who crosses their path.

The truth is that most people are nothing more than slugs. This applies to society at large but I will isolate it to just the BDSM world. Weakness is the common trait among the masses. We see this in how people lead their everyday lives. Nothing they do is respectable. In many ways, they provide little in any manner. Instead, we see them act like vultures sponging off everyone they can.

Domination is a lot more than just issuing orders. Any fool can do that. Those who truly understand this concept know that it is taking life situations and contouring them to your outcome. Those who dominate have the ability to forge ahead and create the results he or she desires. Unlike our online friends who want to tell us all that is excellent about them, a true Master is focused upon action. The world is based upon results and that is what people follow.

What The Hell Are You Waiting For?

It is sad to see this idea lost on so many. While we can easy discount the 'kiddie doms' who are playing their online games, I find that this concept applies to many who are around the lifestyle for a long time. It seems that they lost their way when it comes to the domination that is naturally within them.

Procrastination is a trait that most of us suffer from. There is not a person walking the planet who is not apt to succumb to this tendency at least once in a while. Yet, one who proclaims himself to be a Master should be able to control this within himself. As mentioned, before you can dominate someone else, you best get dominion over yourself. Eliminating procrastination is one major avenue you have to pursue.

What the hell are you waiting for? I hear so many who mention they need to lost 30 pounds yet are doing nothing about it. Their career is trashed but they refuse to leave the comfort of their job to seek something better. They talk about starting a new hobby or taking a trip without ever doing anything about it. Once again, we see a lot of talk which overwhelms the amount of action taken. Here, our experienced Master is acting exactly like the 'kiddie doms'.

I find this phenomenon interesting considering the fact that most Masters expect their slaves to act instantly. You will rarely find a Master is who tolerant of procrastination in a slave yet he will overlook it within himself all day long. Once again we easily see the hypocrisy in this mindset.

Domination is all about action. If one wants another to follow, he damn well better be ready to lead. Issuing orders may seem like domination but it really only makes one look like an ass. Those who are true leaders have others follow because of the action that is taken. Leaders do not sit back and wait for life to cater to their needs. Instead, they change the situations around them to create the results desired. Excellence comes from being active, not passive.

So, whatever is on your list, get off you butt and do it. There is no reason to wait any longer.

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Ryan Edwards on June 24, 2013 at 9:02 PM said...

Wow! What an amazing article! Really puts me into perspective as to what I still need to do in order to become a Master. Thank you Dennis for all your articles! Absolutely astounding material!

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