April 12, 2011

Am I Normal

This is a question many newer people ask. When one finds this way of life, it is interesting to note how radically different the thinking is from the norm. People are conditioned by society to behave in certain ways. To step outside the boundaries that are erected is to risk a great deal. Many feel 'out of place'.

What Is Normal?

I believe this is a much better question to ask. Answer this for me: what is normal? Do you have any idea? Naturally, what we see around us is presumed to be the norm. However, can we be absolutely certain that our eyes are correct?

The truth is we cannot. An example I will cite is the idea of happiness. Do you feel most people are happy? I sense most would answer this in the affirmative. Even though we are miserable, we tend to believe that everyone around us is having a gala time. Of course, this is not true. The fact that more than half the marriages are resulting in divorce means that there are a lot of people miserable in their primary relationship. I surmise this creates a lot of tension among the rest of the family.

So what is normal? It seems from the above mentioned example that misery is somewhere on the list. If you are not convinced, let us use work as another way to validate this idea. Surveys show that 70% of the workforce detests their jobs. Again, that means that the majority of people are miserable at work.

Therefore, we have misery at work and home. Seems like a no-win situation for society. Sadly, this is a statement of fact. Most are doomed. They turn to alcohol, drugs, or retail therapy to feel differently in their lives. I believe most feel that there is no situation that a big screen tv wont fix. This is what constitutes normal.

Don't Catch It

Whatever normal is, I dont want it. Be sure not to catch that disease because it is fatal. We all need to take the proper steps to ensure we are as abnormal as possible. This is where our true salvation lies.

BDSM is an alternative lifestyle. Even with the growth over the last few decades, it certainly cannot be considered a mainstream way of life. Instead, it is a choice that most have to consciously make that goes against most of what that person was taught. Structuring one's life around BDSM principles will make anyone question what he or she is doing. Ultimately, I feel most are taking steps towards freedom.

Society is a bunch of slaves. And this is not a good thing. I know this seems like an odd thing to write on a BDSM site. However, people who live this lifestyle are not slaves in the sense of how society approaches. Instead, we are free people living life as we see fit. Making a conscious choice that eludes the average person is elevating us to another level.

Society places unconscious chains on people. They are imprisoned without even knowing it. The 'rat race' is designed to hold them at bay. The entire process is rigged against them if the play by the rules. The lazy, immature, and unintelligent are subject to being taken by those who do not behave in this manner. Since the vast percentage of the population blindly drinks the Kool-Aid, those of us who question it seems to be outcasts.

Big Circle

The BDSM world is a big circle. There are hundreds of thousands of people involved in real time BDSM relationship as we speak (perhaps even millions). We are not a small cult somewhere off in the middle of the woods. Instead, we are an everyday part of society doing the same things as everyone else. The main difference is we choose to structure our relationships in a way that suits us. This is a big step away from the average Joe who is blind.

Shed those feelings of isolation and self doubt. There are more of us than you think. Leaving the traditional way of life can be overwhelming at first. However, it is important for one to realize that much of this process begins in one's head. The early stages of your education should be mostly mental. The truth is, if done properly, that most areas of your life will not change instantly. It takes time to transition from one lifestyle to the other.

Interacting with others who are involved in the lifestyle can be extremely helpful. That is one of the reasons why I established the An Owned Life Social Community. New people need to get the education that will allow their minds to think differently as compared to what they were taught. Also, it is crucial for one to see that there are many people who are already living as he or she desires. This will offer hope when one feels alone and isolated.

So, to answer the question, you most certainly are not normal. And that is a good thing. If you are interested in BDSM, you are one who is willing to question what is considered to be the prevailing wisdom. Only the free can do that. The rest are too busy being mindless minions to consider any other possibility. That is what normal is.

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Trinity Ankh on September 8, 2011 at 11:47 PM said...

I've asked that question more than once but I always come to the same conclusion...even if I don't think like other people I'm still normal, normal for me.

Anonymous said...

My opinion of normal is what the majority of society says what normal is.


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