January 1, 2011

A Time To Recommit

The new year time always bring a sense of optimism and hope. No matter how bad the previous year, it is now in the past (sadly, this is also true if it was a terrific year). People start the year by making resolutions and promises to themselves. Even while in the midst of winter, it is the eternal spring.

Within the lifestyle, I find this a good time to recommit to what it is we discuss on here. To start, many have questions periodically about what they are doing living in this way. Society likes to bash us at every turn. This will make even the most experienced of us consider 'is it worth it'. This is the time when it is helpful to take the opportunity to recommit to your decision to live in this manner. We do not end up partaking in the power exchange life by mistake. Most of us tried the traditional route and found it wanting. If you are here, just remember the path that took you here. Society might want to push you in another direction. For those of us who stay...we know it is been there, done that, have the T-shirt.

Another thing, if you are involved in a relationship, recommit to that. Time has a way of making things mundane. Familiarity breeds contempt. Recommit to the one you own or serve. Look back over the last year and identify where you fell short (and yes to all you Masterful Dominants, you fell short to). Where did you let him or her down. Were you neglectful? Deceitful? Fearful? Manipulative? Dishonest? Commit to double your efforts to that person and your ownership/service to him/her.

Let everything you went through the last 12 months serve as a building block. The good times should be expanded upon. The bad times, if they didnt kill you (which if you are reading this, they didnt) only made you stronger and can be applied in the future as lessons. The next 12 months are an open canvass for you to design the masterpiece called 2011. Start by recommiting in the areas I mentioned as a foundation for your success and happiness.

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