November 22, 2010

Slavery: Acceptable Life Choice

We one again come back to the concept of social conditioning and mindset. It is ironic how we always seem to return to this fundamental point. The control society exerts upon us is incredible. Few realize how little their lives are truly theirs.

The Mainstream

Each culture has what is termed 'mainstream' beliefs. Everything is designed to put people into a particular box. Anything that deviates from that concept is considered taboo. In short, we are trained to obey what society tells us.

Of course, as we know, the mainstream beliefs can change over time. Look at the civil rights movement as an example. There was a time where being openly prejudiced against blacks was not only accepted, but expected. Now, that viewpoint is deeply frowned upon by most; at least how it pertains to the blacks. Of course, there are other ethnic or religious groups where it is permissible.

Since beliefs can change over time, it shows that they are not written in concrete. Also, we need to realize that ideas which work for the masses might not be effective for everyone. This is where the 'box' concept falls short. Some simply do not fit into the box.


Here is an example of how powerful the conditioning by society is. Let me ask you to consider your concepts regarding 'slavery'. What images come to mind? What do you picture and what are your feelings about that? The answers to these questions will likely reveal how impacted you are by the thoughts of others.

When most people think of slavery, they picture the suffering of the blacks in the Southern part of the U.S in the 1700s and 1800s (at least in America). This is the overriding image since it is what was promoted to us all those years. Of course, the moral aspect was also imparted upon us in that we all believe 'slavery is wrong'. But is it? Are there some conditions where slavery is acceptable? Society will tell us 'no'. I, of course, offer a different viewpoint.


A slave lacks the freedom of choice. The Jews throughout history who lived as slaves lacked the choice. So did the blacks imported from Africa to live a life of servitude. And, we see the same situation with young women who are kidnapped and sold into the sex slave trade. These people lack the freedom of choice. Instead, they are forced to live a life of that another chose.

That brings me to the next part of this discussion: arent most people living as slaves? Again, I make the case they are. People who read this blog regularly have seen me show how few people really choose what occurs in their life. Their beliefs are handed to them by those who they grew up around. The offspring of Red Sox fans end up rooting for the Red Sox and despising the Yankees and their fans. There is no practical decision other than conditioning. The same is true for religious, political, and economic beliefs. We absorb what the others around us promote.

Therefore, the only ones who are free are those individuals who exercise the freedom of choice. I will state that this is the true minority and always will be. I write this post, not for the masses since they are too closed-minded to understand. However, there is a small percentage who can grasp the bondage that society places upon them. These are the people who have the chance to break free and choose what they want.

The Choice of a Slave

So, society promotes the mantra that slavery is bad yet it endorses the very notion through its methods of control. However, if the only one who is truly free is the individual who consciously chooses how to live, then can it be stated that freely choosing slavery is a bad thing? I do not believe so. Anyone who opts to live his or her life in a particular manner if much better off than the masses.

Shakespeare once wrote "to thy own self be true". Choosing to live life as a slave is a truthful choice for many. In short, there is a sector of the population where opting to live as an owned one is a perfectly acceptable selection. This is where a person of this nature finds happiness and excels.

Thus, we need to shed the old mindset that slavery is wrong. Slavery is not wrong. Certainly, a case can be made that non-consensual slavery is morally reprehensible. However, when one consensually enters into a situation knowing full well what to expect, how can anyone question that decision? Add to the fact that the ones who are attacking the decision are usually unaware of their own state of slavery and you realize how asinine it all is. One who freely chooses how he or she lives is 1000 times better off than those who are blinded by society's conditioning.

So, if you want to own a slave, tell yourself that it is a perfectly acceptable choice. At the same time, if you want to life in this manner, implant the same thought in your mind. While we are not the majority, we are the free. Society is not correct about everything. In fact, if you look at the lives of the masses, it is incorrect about most things. Unhappiness is the overriding consensus out there. BDSM and M/s, in particular, offers a different path. However, to get there we need to change our thinking. And that starts with your outlook on slavery.

I hope you now see things a bit differently than you did before.

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