November 13, 2010

Equality: Unnatural Propoganda

"All Men Are Created Equal"

Today I am going to write what might well be my most controversial post to date. However, it is a topic that I believe needs discussing because so few are willing to engage upon it. Advocates of BDSM will do better in understanding this since inequality is a concept built into our lifestyle. For this reason, I feel that BDSM is the one of the few natural ways to live.

The above mentioned quote is the most famous line (actually part of one) in the United States Declaration of Independence. It was penned by Thomas Jefferson in rebuttal to the prevailing mentality of the day. Isnt it ironic that this phrase was written by a man who owned slaves? Obviously, all 'men' applied to only those he felt equal.


Slavery, as an institution, is present throughout the majority of man's entire existence. From the earliest days of civilization the weak were exploited for the benefit of others. Over the centuries, the criteria changed but the results were the same. Occupants of conquered territories were forced into slavery by their invaders. Others were imported to complete certain projects from far away, but weaker, nations. Whatever the formula, the basic truth is that those in power exercised it effectively.

Since it is a part of our makeup, I conclude that slavery is as natural as man himself. To think otherwise is to deny our humanness. The truth is we do not see nor believe in equality. 20th century economic and political systems tried to create a Utopian state which espoused equality. The net result was greater inequality. Nowhere in the world does equality exist at any level. Inefficiencies among people, groups, and nations will always exist. And, in turn, there will be those powerful enough to exploit it.

"All Men Are Not Equal"

Parity is not something that exists in nature. If we look to this for the universal truth we see that one law exists: survival of the fittest. Nothing else matters in this environment. The mighty redwoods survive generations because of their great strength. Palm trees, on the other hand, endure high winds with breaking due to the fibrous properties that allow it to bend. The lion is the king of the jungle while sheep are slaughtered. Inequality is everywhere.

Humans think that their ability to reason removed the natural elements of the Kingdom that we reside. Man is as much a part of the Animal Kingdom as any other beast and, therefore, subject to all its characteristics. Conscious, altruism, and empathy serve to mask what is truly present within all of us. Nevertheless, our history shows that our true nature is not peace but conflict. Ultimately, we follow the mandate of survival of the fittest also.

Man is the 21st century feels that he is improving in this area. As a percentage of the population, according to Wikipedia, there are fewer people living in slavery then ever before. Many will point to that being progress. However, slavery can exist in many forms. Some point to the 'economic' slavery of today showing how little has changed. Corporations and businesses provide minimal compensation in return for effort. Without a sustained form of living, many believe these people are nothing more than slaves themselves. If one believes this line of reasoning, then it is concluded that most of the third world nations live in a modern form of slavery.

Once again, we prove that man is inherently unequal. And that is attributed to the Kingdom he occupies.


People will fit into either of two categories: Master or slave. We in the BDSM world know this. One is either in the position of dominant or he/she is submissive. While some might switch, the truth is there are only two camps we fall into. Again, this is what is natural for us as human beings.

We see this throughout society. Those who are powerful have the wealth, prestige, and charisma to occupy the leading roles. The rest follow behind with envy. They are celebrities, leaders of corporation, and lead men/women of entertainment. These are the people who model how we think. They are the delivers of the news which we swallow with the same vigor of a starving person. Our belief system is given to us by them, a system we vigorously defend without even questioning why we believe it. The truth is few are Masters while the majority are slaves.

Expecting equality among people is unrealistic. In the BDSM community we see how inane it is to try to make someone naturally submissive into a dominant. Many try without success. Anyone who is following an inner characteristic which is true to their nature cannot alter that. Those of us who are experienced in this way of life know this truth.

Nevertheless, society is intent on distributing this unnatural notion. Few ever realize their true place in life. Ask the average person if he or she is a slave, especially in a Western country, and they will tell you 'no way'. But, delve deeper into his/her life to unearth how 'owned' the person is. We all follow a schedule dictated by other to earn money to pay taxes which we did not agree to. As mentioned, we follow a belief system that we didnt question. Hell, many work in careers chosen by a parent. Everywhere we turn, with our eyes properly adjusted, we see slavery.

BDSM is the only lifestyle that I know which embraces the inequality among people. We understand that an equal split of power never occurs anyway; so why fool with it. The lines of power are set our and explicit. In the end, it works because it is natural.

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