September 30, 2014

The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life?

Many have wrestled with this question when, in fact, it is a rather easy answer.

The meaning of life is to grow as an individual and to contribute to the lives of others.

That is it.

Now it is up to each of us to find out how to accomplish this.  I believe that BDSM offers the perfect avenue to achieve both these ends.  To start, as all my regular readers know, I am a big proponent of growth within a BDSM relationship.  For it to succeed, there must be growth by each individual and the relationship as an entity.  If not, failure will most likely ensure.  Also, BDSM is the ideal vehicle to give (contribute) to another(s).  Personally, writing this blog is one of the ways to do it.  We also see within the context of the BDSM relationship the ability to serve.  Yes, this applies equally for the Masters as it does for the slave.  Both individuals have a responsibility to serve the other.  This is what leads to fulfillment. 


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