October 3, 2012

Learned or Natural?

Do you think that domination or submission is something that is learned or it is a natural desire within each of us?

Obviously, society does not value domination.  We see this in all walks of life.  Religions tell us that "the meek shall inherit the Earth".  Our government stress the importance of fairness and equality.  Getting along with others is a value that is important in all arenas.  Compromise and avoidance of conflict are stressed in comparison to sticking to one's guns and standing on principle.  All these things take away from the dominance that is within many.

Naturally, the social conditioning does not equate to submissiveness being instilled.  One who is naturally dominant tends not to become submissive even with constant conditioning.  I will admit that there is a tendency to suppress the natural desires a bit but to turn the other way is not likely in my experience.

I am going to presume the same is true when looking at one with submissive tendencies.  Certainly, a person of this ilk will adopt a dominant stature in those situations where necessary.  We see this all the time of submissives/slaves who are in the business world.  Because of the requirements of their profession, many are "in charge" of others during work hours.  The difference is that in this instance, this individual is embracing a particular role to meet certain requirements i.e. cash flow.  I do not believe this is where this person is happiest yet he or she can excel because of training and experience.  The goal will be met but it isnt a natural occurrence for this person.

And what about those people who waffle back and forth.  In this instance I am not referring to those who are switches.  Instead, I mean those who one year claim to be dominant and the next to be submissive.  Or, we often see a person who states he or she is one thing, dominant as an example, yet exhibit none of the tendencies of domination.  We find the result is usually a person being bossy as opposed to dominant.  The true science/art of domination is completely lost on this person.  We can also say the same about the submissives (especially online) who claim to want to give up control and then whip out their 1500 item do not do list.  Ultimately this person is submissive only one Weds between 3 and 4 in the afternoon while in the state of Missouri.

My experience is the satisfaction comes from being in touch with the natural desire within us.  This is something that is uncovered, not learned.  There are aspects of each that is learned but one who is attempting to live in congruence of his/her core is going to find fulfillment.  The rest seem to be playing games.

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